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MARINA MAHATHIR: Inspiration Malaysia

Marina Mahathir, a women rights advocate, loves her Deen ~Religion Islam which, she recognises, transcends the mechanical and incorporates conscious and loving obedience to Allah.

Marina posits that Islam is not a collection of restrictions but willing compliance to the Sharee’ah.

A Muslim ought to own the principles of the Sharee’ah.

A Muslim abides by the Laws of Allah not because that is the Instruction but because one internalises the Sharee’ah as the right thing to do.

There ought to be no difference between belief and opinion, for belief deepens right thinking to a state when one restrains self out of love for Allah.

A Muslim must be taught and encouraged to make right choices, identify and learn from mistakes and reverse errors before their effects become devastating.

A Muslim must have the skill to develop decision-making and problem-solving.

A Muslim endeavours to resolve all social problems and injustices, for Islam is a comprehensive ideal.

A Muslim, therefore, does not accentuate the gravity of vices to the neglect of the indigent, for poverty itself leads to unconscionable crimes and sins.

Marina is my kind of woman.

Marina Mahathir keeps her priorities in order and practises at home the very principles she advocates in public, for the rights of women manifest not in front of cameras but when the attention of admirers is diverted.

Marina aspires for and trains her daughters to demonstrate their intelligence in exploring their environments and the reasoning behind social practices.

A woman should not be a dummy.

Marina rejects gender discrimination in emotional expressions – both husband and wife ought to express affection towards each other.

Marina does not subscribe to the culture that:

a. A woman should be the loving half of the nuptial relationship whereas the man is counted on to be sadistic and disgusting to her.

b. A woman should be faithful to her spouse, the man uncommitted to her.

c. A woman needs to be passive and the man articulate and decisive.

Marina Mahathir is not a conformist, opposes blind uniformity and stands for halal creativity, especially with respect to women and girls.

MALAK HIFNI NASIF: Egypt Energy Essence

She is an avid champion for the rights of underprivileged members of the society and have expressed concerns for the welfare of HIV positive nationals and immigrants to Malaysia.

She believes that humanity is a strong connection between peoples regardless of socioeconomic status, ethnicity, race, nationality or Religion.

Devoted to the integrity of her nation Malaysia, Marina understands the difference between uniformity, an absence of diversity, and unity, presence of mutual respect in diversity.

Uniformity detracts from nation building and fails to add innovative value to a community’s development.

Unity accords worth and opportunity to every citizen so that each individual can contribute to the progress of the nation.

Racism and stereotypes Marina believes limit the racist and unrealistically ignore several other identities of the stereotyped.

Racism and stereotypes oversimplify circumstances and distort a person’s perception of another.

Racism and stereotypes are typically linked, for stereotypes create a foundation for generalisations and facilitate discriminations.

In commemoration of the individual – August 13 The Day Of The Individual.


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