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Creative Facilitator Autobiography

Creative Facilitator Autobiography


Simple and complex; Strong and delicate.

I am Igbo and more than two decades ago, I ventured into the journey of discovery and research on Allah and Islam.  The voyage has been full of breakthroughs, in thought and belief.

I am simple, for my principles are straight-forward and easily comprehended, but complex because I do not conform to the customary perceptions of a woman let alone a Muslim woman.

I detest vulnerability and victim-feigning, hence I am strong of mind.  I am a romantic, hence delicate.


I think I wrote my first piece when I was four years old.

It was a fiction drama piece my siblings and I acted and recorded in our home.

Thereafter, I wrote here and there, on occasion, and commenced full-time writing and publishing, six years ago.

My work is mostly nonfiction.

I have an idea for three fiction thrillers and have commenced work on two The Legend Of Ọgadụnma and Alaọma’s Outrage.

I obtain inspiration from:

1. My imagination, and my brain is filled with vivid thoughts;

2. My childhood, which, despite a tumultuous experience, I have been celebrating for some six years.

I constantly recall positive experiences; memory is phenomenal.

3. The experiences of others;

4. Issues that are subject to debate, for which the vocal often seek to suppress information.

I write about such topics and put them out there for all to read.


An established Publisher, Researcher, Author ~Writer, Editor, Crisis Manager, Educator, and Graphic Designer, Umm Sulaim delivers exceptional and, often, controversial writings enjoyed by loyal readers from India to Brazil to Bangladesh to the United States.


  • Publisher.
  • Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts, the renowned research institute.

  • Researcher.
  • Every thought-provoking topic no one else will touch.

  • Author ~Writer.
  • Nonfiction and fiction in own unique style on topics readily understood by the public in science, mathematics, statistics, medicine; history, linguistics, philosophy, and other social sciences.

  • Editor.
  • Nonfiction and fiction developmental, line and copyediting ~proofreading.

  • Crisis Manager.
  • Limiting the negative effects of malicious accusations to a business image [Crisis Management].

  • Educator.
  • A seasoned teacher with two decades of experience, Umm Sulaim offers private courses to candidates. Candidates can enrol: Tuition Needed

  • Graphic Designer.
  • The logos of Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts and her affiliates, infographics – barring any photographs – and graphs are the creative abilities of Umm Sulaim.

    A polyglot, Umm Sulaim understands English, Igbo, Isuikwuato, Arabic, French, Italian, Yoruba, Hausa, Ibibio/Efik languages, and more.

    The one and only,

    Umm Sulaim


Copyright © Umm Sulaim 1442/2020. All Rights Reserved.

Love from an Amawụ of Ọtampa and Ụmụasụa in Ìsúíkwúàtọ̀, Nigeria.

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