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Over the next weeks, Ndeụba m (my Folks Of Worth) will view Stirling, Scotland, in pictures, and, where possible, through videos.The publications will be titled STIRLING WITHIN REACH.The heading will … Continue reading

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Alaọma’s Outrage | For Readers’ Pleasure

Alaọma’s Outrage is live on Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts. Episode 1 of Alaọma’s Outrage, a UST ORIGINAL Entertainment, is online. The concept for Alaọma’s Outrage was created by Umm Sulaim, the … Continue reading

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I AM ORIGINAL | Reminisces Of The Travails And The Triumphs Of Junior WAEC Examination I

At morning assembly, the school Proprietress addresses her students. She is incensed, as she paces in front of students. She glances in the direction of some students and her eyes … Continue reading

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I AM ORIGINAL | Reminisces Of The Travails And The Triumphs Of Junior WAEC Examination II

On the morning of the first paper Mathematics, I entered the examination hall, hardly myself. I wrote the paper, while battling with consciousness. My determination to respond well and thoroughly … Continue reading

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Physics Of Snow In Stirling | Processing Flakes

Ndeewo. In the first post of Physics Of Snow In Stirling, I asked how snowflakes turn into snow chunks. The pictures in this article help us to understand what happens … Continue reading

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English Writing Feedback

Ndeewo. Education is for all children. This is a sample of the feedback I give my young pupils. Contact me to tutor and mentor your child. I teach adults, too. … Continue reading

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Umm Sulaim In Silhouette

Ndeewo. Video Credit and Copyright: Umm Sulaim 2021 Kaemesịa. Please, visit Stirling Within Reach Series to subscribe.

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Physics Of Snow In Stirling

Ndeewo. Why does snow form clumps? Why is snow visible in some places, but not in others, within the same vicinity? The Mathematics and Physics of what happens to snow … Continue reading

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Ndeewo. The artistic photographs which are published in the Stirling Within Reach Series spread across more than 60 articles. More pictures, which depict the wildlife, landscape, vegetation, landmarks, and historic … Continue reading

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Thank You, University Of Stirling

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Nursing a severely damaged right ankle, multiple deep cuts in my right calf and lacerations on both feet, I contemplate the possibility of the United Kingdom being responsible for my … Continue reading

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IGBO LANGUAGE | Calendar Months: Ọnwa Ọgụ́àhọ̀

Now, we turn to ọnwa iri la abụọ l’ọguahọ, the twelve calendar months. Previously, we discussed the Days Of The Week: Ụbọsị L’Izu in Igbo language. We shall nudge away … Continue reading

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IGBO LANGUAGE | Days Of The Week: Ụbọsị L’Izu

Anyone eager for Igbo terminology for the days and months of the Gregorian Calendar ~Ọgụ́àhọ̀ might have some recourse to this publication. What is today? Taande bụ mọndee, id est, … Continue reading

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NIGERIA AT 60 | 1960, First Of October: Independence Day!

I love Nigeria My beloved identity For your sake I am resolute. Nigeria loves me She empowers citizens Protects the loyal Brightens my day. Your sovereignty endures Your values propel … Continue reading

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Yesterday Friday, 2020, April 10, buoyed by their new alliance with the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps ~NSCDC, Muslim terrorists orchestrated a planned attack on me, here in Sokoto. … Continue reading

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Our Expenditures

You have worked hard for your earnings and take pleasure in spending your money on luxurious items. What do you treasure? Affluent Africans love to visit every country on this … Continue reading

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TabooFUN | Male Sexuality In Omenala NdịIgbo

As a prelude to Episode 2 of Alaọma’s Outrage, we explore some of the prevailing – past and recurring – sexual taboos among NdịIgbo. Of course, TabooFUN, an imprint of … Continue reading

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Our Pastimes

What do you do when you have a moment to self? Reading. Everyone can embrace this hobby. Some read to educate self; others read for entertainment purposes. Blessed is the … Continue reading

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