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Alaọma’s Outrage | For Readers’ Pleasure

Alaọma’s Outrage is live on Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts. Episode 1 of Alaọma’s Outrage, a UST ORIGINAL Entertainment, is online. The concept for Alaọma’s Outrage was created by Umm Sulaim, the … Continue reading

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I AM ORIGINAL | Reminisces Of The Travails And The Triumphs Of Junior WAEC Examination II

On the morning of the first paper Mathematics, I entered the examination hall, hardly myself. I wrote the paper, while battling with consciousness. My determination to respond well and thoroughly … Continue reading

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I AM ORIGINAL | Reminisces Of The Travails And The Triumphs Of Junior WAEC Examination I

At morning assembly, the school Proprietress addresses her students. She is incensed, as she paces in front of students. She glances in the direction of some students and her eyes … Continue reading

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Every so often, Nigerians devise a grievance and stipulate the solution. Since our latest embrace of civilian governance and over several years, the clamour was for a sovereign national conference. … Continue reading

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IGBO LANGUAGE | A Class In Architecture

This is a listicle of Igbo words for home resources and the corresponding translations in English language. Composition Of A House In Igbo Language. Ụlọ = House. Ọnụụlọ, imeụlọ, or … Continue reading

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IGBO TRADITIONAL ATTIRE | A Metamorphosis Of The Ancient Into The Recent

This article provides a listicle of clothing worn by NdịIgbo and illustrates the transition of clothing names from the original meaning to their present derived meaning. As Omenala differs from … Continue reading

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You have established a business-to-business ~B2B enterprise and you seek to embark on a vigorous marketing campaign. You can do that offline or online. Corporations which are within a reasonable … Continue reading

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IGBO LANGUAGE | A Class In Finance I

Let us travel back in time to the era tupu ego akwụkwọ [preNaira banknotes]. How were transactions determined and payments made? What were the modes of payment between consumers and … Continue reading

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CRISIS MANAGEMENT IN BUSINESS | Why Negotiating With A Naysayer May Be Detrimental

Negotiating with a naysayer may be one of the worst choices available to business managers. This piece of advice works well with personal detractors, as well. In the world of … Continue reading

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First of all, let us identify some terms, shall we? Transactions. A transaction is a business activity which brings together at least one buyer and one seller for the exchange … Continue reading

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IGBO LANGUAGE | A Class In Mathematics II

We are still on Igbo numbering system. The previous class was on the decimal counting system of NdịIgbo, id est base 10. Today’s class explains the vigecimal traditional system on … Continue reading

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Whose land do Fulani herdsmen need? Western media narratives present Fulani herdsmen as a landless people. Nomads, they are, yes. Fulani herdsmen are neither landless nor stateless. Their land and … Continue reading

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October 1st: Happy Independence, Nigeria

Dearly Beloved, May you live long. Iseee! May Chukwu The Creator of the universe preserve you. Iseee! May your development and progress be assured. Iseee! May tranquillity reign supreme just … Continue reading

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Bride Delivery Service

How does a man like his bride delivered? – via the post office or fast courier service wrapped in kisses and balloons; – via a blind marriage, arranged through family … Continue reading

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TabooFUN. Coming soon. For paid subscribers only. TabooFUN is a fictional webplay serial that will humour you and your friends. Description. TabooFUN views, from a perspective of adult comedy, the … Continue reading

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IGBO LANGUAGE | A Class In Mathematics I

Let us dabble into Igbo numbering system. That sounds simple enough, until one realises the average Igbo speaker counts using English numbers. Igbo numbering system is compounded by a dearth … Continue reading

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