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Onyebe m:

Do you wish to commission my work on a topic of interest to your heart?

You can.

My research is highly acclaimed, for I spare neither sleep nor effort to ensure the whole truth is published.

Please, fill the Contact Form. Ensure all details are accurate.

I, Umm Sulaim, assure you of the privacy of the information you share with me.

When the commission has been approved, an email from Umm Sulaim or Payoneer will be sent to the registered email address, used on the Contact Form below.

The email sent will contain information on payment methods.

Fees include a non-refundable consultancy charge of one thousand United States dollars [$1000].
Fees for the commissioned work varies, from a minimum of three thousand United States dollars [$3000], depending on the specifications of the commission.

The duration and final title of the commission will be determined by Umm Sulaim, Publisher of Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts.

The Commissioned work will be published on Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts.

Please note:

    My research writings are known for balance and neutrality, hence the outcome of the commission will reflect the reality of the situation, presented with accurate, precise and complete information, available to Umm Sulaim, Publisher of Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts.

    The name of the commissioning company may be disclosed within the body of the publication.

    The name of the commissioning individual or individuals may not be disclosed within the body of the publication.

Book and writing samples include:

Female Circumcision Among Ndi Igbo In Nigeria – Today And Yesterday

African Slavemasters, African Slaves – Slavery In Nigeria

Religions Of Otampa, Isuikwuato

Accuracy matters, including in the Name section, in completing the form.

For discretionary commissions: Please visit Commission My Work.

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