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Episode 3 | Kaleela And Ọgadụnma

The Legend Of Ọgadụnma portrays the character of Ọgadụnma in his interactions with Kaleela.

Ọgadụnma exhibits the behavioural pattern of a proud male, who is not afraid of sustaining the male role of spending on his lady.

Together, Ọgadụnma and Kaleela challenge their critical analytical skills.

Episode 3 continues the reader’s mental exploration of Ìsúíkwúàtọ̀.

Is Ọgadụnma Kaleela‘s ideal partner?

Read in full The Legend Of Ọgadụnma | Episode 3, from 06:00 hours on Thursday.

The Legend Of Ọgadụnma is a UST Family programme of Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts.



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