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Alaọma’s Outrage

Alaọma’s Outrage is a fictional piece which will humour you and your friends.

As with the UST ORIGINAL Entertainment style, Alaọma’s Outrage transcends genre restrictions.

Nevertheless, for the sake of readers accustomed to genres, Alaọma’s Outrage is a psychological thriller, crime, mystery, science fiction, with a splash of comedy.

Alaọma’s Outrage views, from a perspective of adult comedy, the various taboos surrounding sexual impropriety.

This time, the unfaithful spouse is the woman, whose husband retains his decorum throughout their interaction, despite his knowledge of her infidelity.

There are no screams, no quarrels, and no insatiable need for retribution against the cheating wife and her sexual partners.

One taboo transgression ignites another taboo and another, and so on.

Although the Author and Publisher abhors the categorisation of her works along genres, we provide the range of apt genres.

Alaọma’s Outrage is a psychological thriller, crime, mystery, and comedy.

Episode 1 of Alaọma’s Outrage commenced Saturday, 2020, February 22 at 06:00 hours.

Alaọma’s Outrage will publish on the last Saturday of every month at 06:00 hours Nigerian Time.

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