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Since the announcement of the 2019 presidential election results, there have been reports of violent assaults on Ndi Igbo in Lagos by supporters of All Progressives Congress ~APC. These coordinated … Continue reading

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These are the results of Saturday, 2019, February 23, presidential election in Nigeria. The result sheet portrays the number of votes received by the two highest polling political parties: All … Continue reading

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REJECTION | A Bruised Male Ego

A young male, whose advances are rebuffed by a female, suffers a bruised ego. Rejection hurts! A hurting male is analogous to a wounded lion, roaring, and ready to fight … Continue reading

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HYPHEN OR NO HYPHEN | New Writing Style

In future, Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts have adopted the following Appreciation Writing Style for the use of the hyphen. In summary, hyphenated words will be kept to a minimum and only … Continue reading

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GREEN EAGLES | Legends Of The Eighties ~80s – Score 2

The Green Eagles lost none of the games neither did Algérie the Group leaders, who obtained one winning match more than Nigeria. Cameroun deserve the credit for skills and dedication, … Continue reading

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GREEN EAGLES | Legends Of The Eighties ~80s – Score 1

The eighties ~80s’ generation of Nigerian children, who followed the football adventures of the national team, the Green Eagles, will be filled with nostalgia at the mention of the name … Continue reading

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Can Girls Play Football Better Than Boys? | SCORE 2

Chekeleke, Soar To The Heavens! There was a healthy competition between Noa and the boys in her circle of friends. Outside the field of academics, Noa’s discomfort with being overshadowed … Continue reading

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Can Girls Play Football Better Than Boys? | SCORE 1

The title of this article asks Can girls play football better than boys? No, this is not about gender inequalities. Before we delve into this discourse fully, let us answer … Continue reading

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FITNESS | Low Fat Meals – Ngwo

This recipe is low in lipids ~fats and high in carbohydrate. Ngwo has a zero-sugar content and is prepared with only four ingredients. CONTENT. Green and red alligator pepper 3 … Continue reading

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OCTOBER 1 CELEBRATIONS 2018 | 2019 Elections

October 1 Nigeria’s own day to extol everything Nigeria and Nigerian is always a pleasure to experience. From nostalgic memories of watching march pasts before the state governor to images … Continue reading

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STRANGERS | Stranded 2 – No Sanctuary!

As promised, this treatise relays a dreaded childhood experience at the hands of strangers. This is an exclusive, as no one, not even family members are aware of what is … Continue reading

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STRANGERS | Stranded 1 – A Child Lost!

To keep this topic balanced and relate with children whose experiences with strangers cut across the spectrum, I shall narrate both positive and negative experiences with strangers, in my early … Continue reading

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STRANGERS | Safety Tips For Young Persons

Children and young persons are advised to be cautious of strangers. Growing up in the city of Enugu in the South-East of Nigeria, I received the same words of warning, … Continue reading

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Eid Al-Adhha | My God Is God

Salam, everyone. Eid Al-Adhha is with us, again. We have looked forward to this day; here it is. Allahumma taqabbal minna waminkum. As always, have fun, be happy and eat … Continue reading

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WordPress | HTML CODES: Font Styles – Table

We arrive at the eighth and final tutorial on HTML codes significant in operating an attractive website or blog. Today, we walk through a lecture on how to generate a … Continue reading

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WordPress | HTML CODES: Font Styles – Contact Form

We shall discuss how to create a contact form for guests to fill. A reminder that the norm throughout these tutorials is to use HTML codes for free themes. … Continue reading

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