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Alaọma’s Outrage | For Readers’ Pleasure

Alaọma’s Outrage is live on Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts.

Episode 1 of Alaọma’s Outrage, a UST ORIGINAL Entertainment, is online.

The concept for Alaọma’s Outrage was created by Umm Sulaim, the renowned Author and Researcher.

Umm Sulaim observed an oftrepeated pattern in the latest screenwriting of Nollywood and Hollywood feature films and family television soap operas.

She grew bored with fiction storylines of a husband having extramarital affairs and his wife resorting to religion or counselling.

That is also an established trend in African ~Black movies played by African ~Black actors and written by African ~Black authors in America.

Umm Sulaim sought to promote conservative writing and culture, while providing an entertaining perspective.

In Alaọma’s Outrage, the wife is unfaithful and her husband has to handle the crisis.

Yes, women have extranuptial liaisons, too.

That formed the foundation for TabooFUN, a line of compelling Igbo screenplay for the 2019/2020 holiday season.

Alaọma’s Outrage is set in Isuikwuato City of Isuikwuato Local Government Area ~LGA in Abia State.

Alaọma’s Outrage is a novel of Africa and African values, viewed from the traditions of Otampa and Umuasua.

As a Nigerian Writer, Umm Sulaim has a worldwide audience, as her powerful and credible research works appeal to various demographics.

Book readers and cinema lovers, who appreciate intrigue, innovation, and inspiration, will be at home with Alaọma’s Outrage.

The Legend Of Ọgadụnma, another UST ORIGINAL Entertainment, is a tale of young love.

Both Alaọma’s Outrage and The Legend Of Ọgadụnma portray the rich Omenala of the people of Isuikwuato.

To subscribe to Alaọma’s Outrage and The Legend Of Ọgadụnma, please visit the Subscribe page.

A month’s subscription costs ₦6,000 for each and ₦12,000 for both.

Advertisement Code: UST00

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