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Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts | 5TH ANNIVERSARY

Salam, everyone.

Five years ago this day the 13th of August, I opened an innovative channel of communication with the world – Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts.

Later today, I shall publish an ATTITUDE tutorial on Igbo language, Igbo For Beginners | Asusu Igbo Nke Ndi Na-Ebido Imuta Ya.

The contents include Isuikwuato Igbo, as spoken by my people in Otampa and Umuasua.

As with each one of my research publications, the current edition of ATTITUDE | Igbo For Beginners was a learning and discovery for me.

Udo diri unu [Peace be with you all].

The one and only,
Umm Sulaim

~ * ~ * ~

[My dear guests, who relish my writings, feel free to Commission My Work]


2 comments on “Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts | 5TH ANNIVERSARY

  1. Elu
    August 13, 2017

    Congratulations! Thank you for your insights. Well done!

    [Edited: Name was edited to comply with comments guidelines.]

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