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Eid Al-Fitr 1438 | Happiness To You And Yours

Salam, all.

Have yourself a much deserved ecstatic and exhilarating Eid Al-Fitr.

The Ramadhan of this year 1438 is the best I have experienced, as per my memories afford.

The thrill of fulfilment transcended multiple fronts.

For one, my enemies – women and men; Muslims and Christians; Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa-Fulani, Idoma and an ethnicity of southern Kaduna – conspired and plotted. They crashed face first.

Then, came Muslim males who, in veritable delusion, felt they could control or vilify me.

Do Muslim men control or sleep with their mother?

Shia! one impudently vomited.

The vile that proceeded from some of them included that if they had a car they would make sexual advances to me.

I sent such young men with a message to their mother.

Knowing the imbecile and prostitute they have for a mother, each actually delivered the message to his mother.

True sons of their mother, they are.

The “I shall bed her if I had a vehicle” occurred five ~5 days after an attempted rape.

The climax of the provocations and violations of my freedoms was the day my male and female neighbours, of multiple ethnicities and religions, directed a young possibly Igbo Christian male into my residence to rape me.

That day was Sunday 2017 July 11, i.e., 1438 Ramadhan 16.

The time was exactly 12:00 hours, more or less, as I slept nude, barring a small, thin and transparent piece of wrap on my upper body.

My relief is the rape plot failed.

The presence of the would-be rapist in my home was sufficient violation of my privacy and dignity.

Muslim women and men were more interested in my unmarried status than in the obscenity of my attempted rape.

Women sought religious endorsement for their sons to rape.

Sexual harassment of an unmarried woman is already a religious duty of Muslims in Northern Nigeria. After all, she is not married, they boast.

This time, sexual assault was demanded as part of their religion.

Coming from the same women to whom bad manners is a cultural pride, one does not expect better of them, for one shall be disappointed.

In the aftermath of the attempted rape of my person, the collusion of imams and their congregation intensified, with imams preaching as if they were my religious advisers.

It is feasible that one or two Imams might have spoken the truth each time they were approached with references to me.

The rest merely maintained the status quo – the do as we want because you must live as we say ideology.

I ignored their utterances and lived on my terms.

That prompted one imam to get off the public address system and await me along my route.

As the imam crossed his bounds, I put him in his place.

You are not the one to tell me how to live my life. Mind your business. And keep your religion to yourself.

That was the final provocation.

The commencement of Fasting is the period of heightened and deliberate provocations by Muslims whose tradition and religion authorise to misbehave and demand good conduct of others.

This year was no different, for from the first of Ramadhan, young Muslim males aggregated at the street corner.

Another cabal of Muslim men gathered some steps farther.

Eleven days into Ramadhan, the first band disappeared and did not reconvene for the rest of the Fasting days.

The second gang diminished in number.

The cause of both observations occurred on the same day, the day I scolded thoroughly three sets of Muslim men for insulting me.

The second cohorts continued to pose a nuisance, while I deliberately bided my time, for my moment of retributive justice.

That moment came in another format.

The Nigeria Police Force are the real heroes of this year’s Ramadhan retributive justice.

I could sense the presence of Hausa-Fulani plainclothes police officers everywhere I went in my neighbourhood in Sokoto.

Yes! The officers have a duty to discharge without consideration of ethnicity, religion or culture of the culprit.

I am impressed with the professionalism of my law enforcement agents.

I once remarked to a senior police officer that several policemen and policewomen do a decent job, except they are not in a position of authority to issue the appropriate directives.

I extend my gratitude and happiness to everyone – civilian and security – who saw to my safety this just ended Ramadhan.

Once again, Eid Mubarak.

The one and only,
Umm Sulaim

~ * ~ * ~

[My dear guests, who relish my writings, feel free to Commission My Work]


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