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My birthday, I have not marked in decades.

This time, I felt I needed to rejoice in abundance.

For one, in contrast to cultural perception that encourages women, especially above age 27, to be overweight, I have maintained my moderate figure.

My advice to young ladies is as always:

Love yourself the way you are. Should you continue with appetite boosting pills, you will hate yourself by the time you are 26 years of age.

From personal experience, age 26 indicates the time a woman’s body reaches the point of no return.

Should her body be in great shape at that age, she just might be able to reduce the effects of aging from that point onwards.

Women who complied with the obsession for extra body fat exhibit jealousy when I appear before them without my Hijab and Niqab.

Some admit to being slim earlier and to using weight-gaining capsules.

Some are deridedly called ‘Fat’, ‘Fat mama’ by husband, friends or men and women, often the same who deceived the affected individuals into adding kilogrammes of body weight.

For another, society advocate for women to disregard our appearance once we are no longer of ‘marriage age’, whatever that means.

Ditch that!

Moreover, women – and men –

a. drink less water than is necessary, given the intense heat of the tropics;

b. spend hours roasting their skin in the Sun, all in the name of not being lazy; and

c. regularly delay meals such that stomach ulcer ensues and becomes a pathological feature.

Yes, I am battling signs of aging, but no one will be an obstacle to my looking good.

A week ago, I resumed my modified fitness programme, with emphasis on exercising the lower abdomen.

There are no sit-up crunches! Relief, yes!

For just 5 minutes or less a day, I do simple leg moves that exercise my lower abdominal muscles.

Specifically for the proud old mama, my 41 And Still Fit fitness routine I share with my readers.

All the drills require laying on one’s back.

50 dual leg raises of 10 raises per unit.

With both legs stretched and slightly above the floor, simultaneously raise both legs towards the abdomen until they are more or less perpendicular to the torso.

Lower both legs without touching the floor.

The raising and lowering of the legs form a cycle.

1 unit = 10 cycles = 35 to 40 seconds.
x = Time = Fitness + Rest = 5 minutes.

The rest aids breathing for oxygen flow to muscles.

50 dual leg spreads, of 10 spreads per unit.

These are open and close leg movements, with legs raised slightly above the floor.

A cycle comprises an open and a close.

1 unit = 23 to 27 seconds.
x = 3 minutes.

50 dual leg crunches, of 10 crunches a unit.

With both legs folded and drawn to the abdomen, slowly lower and straighten the legs without touching the floor.

Folding and stretching make a cycle.

1 unit = 43 seconds.
x = 4 minutes.

5 minutes of ride a bicycle, at units of 36<x<50 seconds at a time.

Keep legs raised and bent at the knee.

Make forward, cycling, and backward motions with the feet, to simulate bicycle riding movements.

5 minutes of perpendicular dual leg fixes.

Raise one leg at 90 degrees to the abdomen and the other slightly off the floor.

Maintain position for 40 seconds at a time.

Alternate, with the raised leg lowered and the lowered raised.

50 leg crosses of 10 crosses per unit.

Raised above the floor, legs are crossed above and below each other.

A cross of the right leg above the left and then below the left constitutes a cycle.

1 unit = 13 to 16 seconds.
x = 3 minutes.

50 leg spreads and alternate raises of 10 per unit.

An open and close plus a raising and lowering of both legs alternately produce a cycle.

1 unit = 30 seconds.
x = 5 minutes.

Sending love to all old mamas.

The one and only,
Umm Sulaim


~ * ~ * ~

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