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Do Not Look portrayed the human portal of the spirit dimension, vis-à-vis masquerades.

This time, we enter the spirit world proper.

My experiences with spirits commenced in the year 1984, as narrated in Heritage Of Ndi Igbo III.

Twice in Umuasua, Isuikwuato did I witness spirits. Both have been described in the 2014 publication Heritage Of Ndi Igbo III.

The first experience with spectres was the only time I associated my sightings of a ghost to the dead. Moreover, that was only for a moment.

Thenceforth, while I was fascinated at the beings I saw, I did not ponder whose ghost each was.

What Have I Seen?

The next sighting of ghosts was in Ubakala, near Umuahia.

Once, when I was around thirteen ~13 years old, I came outside in the middle of the night to ease myself at 03:30 hours and as I re-entered, I noticed some whiteness in the bush.

I stopped at the door and peered at it to see what it was. If I was to be afraid, I needed to see the cause of the fear.

I listened for rustling sounds of the grass, for evidence that someone had just placed a white towel there.

I heard nothing, shrugged and went indoors to continue my sleep, wondering whether I had just seen a ghost.

Now, did all of these sightings of ghosts frighten me? ~Not at all.

By that time, I had stripped my psychology of the typical self-inflicted fear of nothingness. As a young girl, I turned myself from fear of anything I could not see or which did not pose a direct threat to me.

Hence, while adults today are petrified of the dark or emptiness, I bear no such fears. How can I be afraid when I see there is nothing present to harm me?

I was about five or six years old, living with my mum and younger siblings. In effect, I was the eldest child present. As such, my younger sister and brother frequently called on me to escort them to the toilet.

This happened because we spent the evenings and after dark sometimes seated outside our apartment telling children’s stories, as we awaited the return of our mum from her work shift.

To answer the call of nature, my siblings would ask me to accompany them.

I felt that as the objective of the company was to ease their fear of nothingness, I had to overcome my fear of emptiness.

My siblings are afraid. I am not of any help to them if I too am afraid.

Right there, I shed my fears. Hence, when I began to visualize the hitherto unseen world of jinn, I was long confident and immune from the jitters of unfamiliar circumstances.

Thereafter, there was a pause in the appearances of jinn before me. That might be partly due to my journey to England for a four-year sojourn. Of course, spirits exist in the United Kingdom.

I have no inkling of any reasoning for the suspension of ghost manifestations to me while I lived in the diaspora. The lull continued for some years after my return to Nigeria.

Travelling, I went to several cities, including Enugu, Isuikwuato, Aba, Port Harcourt, and finally, Lagos.

Ghosts In The House.

Initiations of supernatural beings of the earthly spirit realm have been hitherto outdoors, on the streets, in the bushes, in front of the house, on the sidewalk by the residence.

In Lagos, jinn commenced appearing to me within my home, in my bedroom. The first was in my newly rented apartment after I divorced my abusive husband.

A short while later, I did spontaneously wake at exactly midnight. I slept with the lights on, so once my eyes opened, I saw them – ghosts. As soon as I was awake, the phantoms disappear.

One midnight, I observed one standing at the door, with back to the door. The spirit was a male and had the physique of a bodybuilder or bouncer, arms folded and eyes huge.

Due to the high frequency of spectre sightings, I began to sleep with the bedsheet drawn above my head, at times.

In that state at another midnight awakening and with the light on, I stayed awake long enough to be fully conscious, to erase any memory lapse or cerebral misinterpretation of what I might see.

Certain and composed, I promptly pulled the bedsheet down to my neck. There they were, spectres.

This time, they were very close to me. One, a male ghost, sat on my mattress at par with my knee, gazing down at me while conversing with his companion.

His companion was a female adorning an African headgear. She squatted near my shoulder, with a slight turn of her head towards the male spirit.

On realising I was awake, both were soon gone.

That confirmed my understanding that jinn do not have an all-encompassing knowledge, for they became aware of my consciousness only after I pulled down the bedsheet, though I was awake before that.

Sensing that fear might be the objective of the incessant materialisations of the unseen world to me, I prayed that Allah not make me fear spirits.

I recited some protective supplications, such as Ayah-Al-Kursiyy [Surah Al-Baqarah (2):155] and resumed my slumber.

Months prior to my former marriage, I was to notice a spectre on the street in Lagos. It was late at night, some time after 23:30 hours; I was on my way home.

Suddenly the darkness was pierced by brightness. A white figure walked ahead of me.

On his head was a white cap to complement a white kaftan. Then he vanished.

Grasping he was right in front of a Masjid ~Mosque, I initially regarded him as having entered the Masjid, perhaps for some late night supplications.

I reached the location of the Masjid. The interior and surroundings of the Masjid were pitch dark, exhibiting no sign of recent activity or movement.

It dawned on me. I had seen a ghost.

~ * ~ * ~

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