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For the second week in a row, the week’s aggregate hours of energy distributed was half of the figures for the same week in Year 1.

Week 7 Total Power Supplied:
2015/2016 = 124:38 hours [1/2 of that = 62:19 hours];

2016/2017 = 62:27 hours.

Week 8 Total Power Supplied:
2015/2016 =
128:20 hours [1/2 of that = 64:10 hours];

2016/2017 = 63:37 hours.

This time last year, we really were enjoying the improvements in electricity supply.

Sadly, the government rushed to capitalise on that with an illegal hike in tariffs, rather than consolidate the positive consumer gains.daily-electricity-hours-year-2-week-8


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