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In reply to the careless utterances of the Government Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria on the actions of Turkey’s Government vis-à-vis Nigerian students in Turkey:
TURKEY COUP - A Replay Of Nigeria Coup
1. It is to be expected that government officials in the administration of Muhammadu Buhari are short on reason and respect for the sovereignty of another nation.
2. Turkey have every right to detain any individual suspected of violating the laws of their Nation.
3. It is equally within good sense that Turkey request the pertinent action on the part of Nigeria. The response to such a request can be as basic as a polite “Present us with evidence of wrong-doing and we shall procedure”.
4. Describing such a call as “arrogant” is imbecilic. Do Nigeria not make requests on other nations?
5. It is highly rich of a government thrown into a frenzy over rumours of a coup plot against Muhammadu Buhari to express the response of Turkey to an actual coup event as “paranoia”. Really?
6. Only low intellectuals will risk damaging bilateral relations by peddling rumours. Where is the shred of evidence that the detention or expulsion of Nigerian students by Turkey was connected to our decline of Turkey’s request?
7. The available evidence directly linked two arrested Nigerian students to the ideology of Muhammed Fethullah Gülen. The two were found to be in possession of three ~3 controversial books. Do Muhammadu Buhari and his officials imagine that our Nation’s “failed” status – an assertion made by Muhammadu during the 2015 presidential elections – is remedied by pretending that the said religious materials mysteriously materialised among the belongings of the two students?
8. While the Nigerian Government and her agencies pander to Boko Haram and terrorise citizens unconnected to the terrorist group, it is against international law to be associated to a terror organisation, in this case, Fethullah Terrorist Organisation ~FETO.


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This entry was posted on October 4, 2016 by in Representations.


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