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At 11:49 hours Sunday 2016 July 31, there were multiple power surges, which prompted me to disconnect all electrical appliances.

Seconds later, the energy supply was interrupted. It was not to be resumed for another four full days.

The cause was a senseless woman who thought nothing of pruning a tree over transmission cables.

That was until a heavy branch fell on the cables, causing damage to the power transformer.

The four-day power blackout [from 11:49 hours; Sunday 2016 July 31 – 12:01 hours; Thursday 2016 August 4], though not entirely the fault of the electricity distribution company, is laid at their feet for failure to prosecute or penalise the woman who caused the transformer glitch.

That was a clear case of gross vandalism, yet no one except we the people bore the consequences – 4 days of zero electricity available to us.


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