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The Muslim City Of Sokoto | 13:12 hours, Friday 2016 July 29:

I went for a stroll and before I returned my home had been burglarised and my Tecno S7 smartphone, 3 Nokia batteries and 20 naira stolen.

The burglar must have been monitoring me to steal quickly within minutes before I reached my home.

My residence was vandalised.

This is the latest form of intimidation.

I remain defiant.

I alerted the Jumu’ah Mosque in front of my home. I was informed it will be addressed.

I hoped they did NOT add their cultural and religious bias to this.

I waited.

After Jumu’ah, the lead returned with four young men, two of whom were Mosque security.

They came with a message from the Imams of the Jumu’ah Mosque, plus additional requests:

1. Apologies for stolen phone;

2. I must not come to the Mosque again. If anything happens to me, I should go to the police;

I say my phone was stolen, but no one can go through the torn window net because of the burglary proof.

3. They need to see my face.

4. Do I have a husband? They wish to discuss with him.

5. As Muslims, socialisation is important.


1. Thank you very much for the concern.

2. Keep your Mosque. I have no interest in your Mosque.

Either the burglar[s] used another key to open the door or they put something through the window to draw my smartphone.

Anyone can understand that.

I did not go to the Mosque expecting a miracle, but so you will talk to each other and caution your people on theft.

Nothing I own was paid for by the Hausa-Fulani, including my stolen smartphone.

Except for very few good Hausa-Fulani, no one here assists me.

Christians assist me more.

Even when I needed help and went there, I was told, disrespectfully, to write a letter!

That despite talking myself into going to the Mosque in the first place.

I knew I was going into enemy territory. My heart pounded, as I calmed myself saying:

How can I say these people are terrible when they do not know I need help?

I left the Mosque that day in tears. Thankfully, my Niqab shielded me and kept my tears private.

3. My face is my business.

I am sure the thief [or thieves] who broke into my home do not wear a Niqab.

Showing their face did not stop them from being thieves.

[The people in Sokoto insist they know someone because they can see the person’s face.

Well, people who are known are the thieves here. I, with my face covered, was violated.]

4. What has my husband to do with my stolen phone? I brought the issue to you. Discuss it with me.

5. I am not interested in anyone’s religion. Socialisation is a willing act.

Socialisation is by seeing common grounds with others and what one likes in others.

If a person decides to talk to person A, fine. If the person decides to leave person A and talk with person B, equally fine.

Socialisation is not a compulsion.

The men departed and I learnt the home invasion was announced over the Mosque public address system [loudspeaker].


In 25 solid years of living alone in various cities across Nigeria and the United Kingdom, I have experienced home invasion thrice, all at the hands of devout worshippers of Allah in Arewa territory of Sokoto, the Seat of the Khaliphate ~Caliphate! Right!

The first two violations of my residence were by Sokoto Command of the Department Of State Services ~DSS/SSS and Nigeria Police Force ~NPF, respectively.

Perhaps, I ought to report this violation to the nearest security agency!

Yeah! Report a crime to criminals authorised to detain the recipient of the crime!

At 21:17 hours that Friday night, I observed three of my batteries were missing.

I went for a half-hour stroll and came back a recipient of burglary.

This is Sokoto, where crime is constantly plotted.

When unable to get away with criminal intimidation in the name of religion, as my petitions against SSS and the police indicate, the people turn to daylight robbery.

The burglar[s] during the escape hid in the drainage pipe a device I was to learn was a vehicle-phone charger, stolen from my neighbour.

Around 22:00 hours Friday, I overheard my neighbours talking of thieves infiltrating our residence and thought I was the sole host.

That was until an hour later when I was alerted that burglars conducted similar window-entrance operations on two of my neighbours!

In discussions with them, I discovered the burglars physically entered one of the apartments, indicated by the large footprint deposited on a chair used to exit the window.

Perhaps the burglars entered the residence sufficiently to attempt to open the door from the inside.

Perhaps, children were among the burglars.

That is a better explanation on how the thieves were able to extract items from my home and my neighbours’.

I returned the vehicle-battery charger to the rightful owner.

I have made a promise to myself: To deal with anyone involved in the theft of my belongings, no matter how long it takes to track them.

I advised my neighbours against placating child beggars, an absolute security blunder.

I am well known for driving out the almajirai and other intruders, much to the indignation of the Hausa-Fulani and their allies.

~ * ~ * ~

[My dear guests, who relish my writings, feel free to Commission My Work]



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