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Ramadhan 1437 | Parent-Child Relations

There is a persistent belief among Muslims that parents have the first and final say, even in the private life of an adult child, let alone minor children.

{Ramadhan: Energizing The Last Moments}

Add to that, the rejection of any concept on whether there is ever a time to distance self from one’s parents and we have a never-ending cycle of a society that favour impunity over fairness.

{Ramadhan 1435: Allah Speaks}

Well known is arranged or forced marriage in relation to the daughter.

Yet, men suffer just as much.

In several communities, a son is instructed by his parents on whom to marry, an instruction he is contented not to decline.

{Ramadhan 1435: From The Messenger}

The son’s permission is sought, all right, but only as a formality, for he must not disagree with his parents.

His bride must be a young girl, not older than 18 years, of the same ethnicity and chosen or approved by his parents.

Therefore, one finds a recurring factor in the conduct of the male population:

He marries from his ethnicity to appease his parents and embarks on a lifelong quest to satisfy his sexual urge by having multiple sleeping partners, of note women of the ethnicity famous for sexually appealing females.

{Admissions On Ramadhan}

Worse, he has and desires an affair with every lady who will have him.

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