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DSS TERRORIST | Menace Is Back

To think I almost invited an SSS terrorist to my residence, yesterday evening.

A blessing it is I do not conform to social norms.

My norm of politeness to strangers is the rule, until I have confirmed the interaction merits closeness and friendship.

I heard a woman’s voice call my name.

Wondering with whom I shared that intimate personal name interaction, I turned to see a woman 20 feet away.

Politeness directed that I halt and discover her identity and the purpose of her contact with me.

She approached.

According to her, she saw me making some purchases and packed her vehicle expecting me to take at least five minutes.

However, before she reached me, I had done my shopping.

She then trailed me.

Feeling for her, I thought of extending my hand for a welcome courtesy.

Wait first for her to state her mission, I thought.

I have been trying to remember your house, she continued.

We stood right outside my residence, but I hesitated to take her to my place.

You remember this face, do you not?, she asked.

Where on earth have I met that ugly face before?, I mused.

Again politeness ensured I limited my response to a negative to her question.

Then came the landing of the bomb!

I am **** DSS.

What is it?

I came to say: Hi. Are we fighting?

NO! We are not saying hi! You detained me.

I walked away.

Later, though I know the Headquarters of the Department Of State Services lack the capacity to regulate own staff, I still sent them this SMS message to keep them informed:

Around 18:45 hours this evening, I was approached by a woman who identified self as **** DSS; that she wanted to say: Hi!

She was one of the terrorists who detained me for 3 nights in Dec 2014.

No enemy of mine approaches or addresses me.

She has liver because she is SSS.

Should she or her fellow SSS terrorists intrude into my space again on the pretext of friendship, I intend to teach such a lesson.

The one and only,
Umm Sulaim

Sent: 19:33:47, Monday 2016 May 16

It is a good thing I habitually refrain from handshakes, except when needed, for I should have inadvertently shaken the hand of an enemy.



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