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Fed up with relentless mosquito bites in the early months of 2016, I sought natural non-toxic solutions.

Toxic remedies to mosquito infestation clog my respiratory tract and are potentially carcinogenic.

Worse, some insecticides are downright poisonous to humans.

I have a fear of storing harmful liquids in my residence, so as not to poison myself. Not to mention there is the financial cost of slowly or swiftly poisoning self or loved ones.


For the past three months, I have employed a natural herb, garlic, as my choice of insect repellent.

Garlic is cheap, readily available all year round and, of course, non-poisonous to humans.

Garlic A Mosquito Repellent:


Peel and place three cloves of garlic in a small vessel.

Add a little water to the vessel.

Put the vessel in a spot in the room, a safe distance from the breeze.

For a large room, repeat the procedure in order to have three or more vessels of soaked garlic at different locations of the room.

Occasionally, swirl the contents of the containers to improve diffusion of the sulphur compound into the air.

Alternatively, without peeling the garlic, soak the clove in water.

Initially, the fragrance is a sweet smell identical to Suya seasoning.

Thereafter, the room reeks of putrefying faecal matter!

LASSA FEVER | Not The New Normal


If one sits, rests, or sleeps near the point of entrance of mosquitoes, place several vessels of soaked garlic close to the entrance and around the body.

As we are well into the heat season, it is prudent to position a container of garlic solution right outside all movable entrances.

Movable entrances here signify windows and doors that are regularly opened.

This is especially true of door entrances, even if covered in a door net, for each time the net is opened there is a probability of mosquitoes gaining access to one’s residence.

Plus, if to keep cool one rests with a part of the body, say the head, projecting outdoors, mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects will target the head.

To protect the head, keep a solution of garlic outdoors, close to the head and lower or at the same level as the head.

The result is fantastic.

The downside is the stench of raw garlic, which I have always detested.

If one can bear the strongly repugnant sulphur odour of uncooked garlic, one will certainly experience a home free of the sucking nuisance of flying insects.

On a positive note, since I commenced employing garlic as a mosquito repellent I have not been bitten to death by mosquitoes and other airborne insects, significantly sandflies [Phlebotominae subfamily] and the major disease they cause – leishmaniasis.

Now, I have a restful sleep each night, barring the intense heat and humidity.

An added benefit is the strong odour of sulphur compound characteristic of garlic equally repels cockroaches.

Some cockroaches, however, instead find an affinity to the decay odour of garlic.

Such cockroaches dip into the garlic solution and take a swim to death.

Good riddance to insects!

Between 2008 January and 2015 December, I experienced two bouts of malarial infection.

Can I make this year the ninth year of low malarial disease?

Can this be twice in nine years that I had a malarial infection?

The key to that is keeping away the vectors of plasmodium – female Anopheles mosquitoes.

NO to malaria, Zika virus, dengue, yellow fever, filariasis, and every other malevolent infection transmitted via mosquito bites.


~ Post-Publication Addendum ~
14:28 hours 2016 October 11: I took anti-malarial drugs for fever, the cause of which was uncertain.

Therefore, the malaria infection rate over the past nine years is three ~3 times in 106 months.

~ * ~ * ~

[My dear guests, who relish my writings, feel free to Commission My Work]


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