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Yesterday, I commenced deleting my music files.


They have served the great purpose of teaching my enemies a memorable lesson while enticing me to shake my body.

I did dance to the music!!!

All the mp3 music files on my laptop have been successfully removed.

Those on my Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, my main mobile music system, are partly erased.

There remains two more music storage devices:

a~ my Tecno S7 Android smartphone, with a partial music composition of some of my favourites, and;

b~ my external memory card, for my DVD player, containing an almost ~99% full list of grooves.

The remaining music will be reserved for rare party moments, such as the Eids, as I no longer listen to the music.

I am reverting to my previous status quo of no music in my blood vessels, certainly France’s radical.

The mission for which I recalled the music, searched on the internet for them and downloaded the .mp3 files, has been duly attained.

Both of my Hausa-Fulani neighbours have been sent crawling out of the premises.

The first identifies as a Hausa Muslim male; the second as a Fulani Christian female.


They completed all the necessary demographics in terms of gender, ethnicity and religion.

You see, in their hallucinations they imagined that tranquility is their birthright, to enforce and trample as they please.

With the support of their allies, primarily neighbours, the first did his best to try my patience.

For three and a half years, I remained patient.

In early 2014, I embarked on consistent and sustained retribution.

The volume of my television set was kept high whether I watched a movie or listened to music.

Then came relentless intimidation from the Hausa Muslim male.

Initially, he was violent verbally and physically against me.

To him and his fellow Muslim imbeciles, this is Hausaland where his religion teaches him to flog me into compliance.

The result for me was a 15-day spell in Sokoto State Central Prison at the end of August 2014.

Well, he forever whines that I, a woman, wanted to kill him!

It does not get better than that!!! Serious laughter!

I downloaded more old school music.

To cement the intimidation, four months later in December, the Hausa Muslim male recruited the services of the Sokoto Command of the Department Of State Services ~DSS/ SSS.

I returned from a three-night detention at SSS Office defiant.


In came the Fulani Christian female groomed by another neighbour to be a female antagonist to me.

To assist her, she brought two siblings and two months later a friend.

The war was on!!!

They scream in their conversations, which often involved insults against me.

When they were done, they demanded silence!

I gave them music, old school!

For both the self-identifying Hausa and Fulani, sleeping or reading time is when they must not hear a sound.

To me, if they can sleep or read with my music blaring, they can go right ahead!

Long live Nigeria!

In 2016 March, the Hausa Muslim male quit the premises and a month later in April, the Fulani Christian female evacuated her belongings from the building.

A new tenant arrived on Friday, so far so good.

Yesterday, the workmen and a visitor he left behind disturbed me for almost four hours.

Granted, my new neighbour informed me of the work he needed done and the accompanying noise.

I did not expect the additional three-and-a-half hour noisy chitchat!

Good Lord!

This morning I realised that for complaining of the noise I have been declared a Shia by some Hausa-Fulanis!

How nostalgic!

It has been a while since I was called a Shia! I actually felt nostalgia!

Boko Haram has overtaken Shia as the chieftaincy title of preference which my adversaries among the Hausa-Fulani and their allies accord me.

However, for today, I am Shia once again!

Perhaps, I am both Boko Haram and Shia – dual citizenship!!!! Serious laughter!

Because the disruptive gossip session included chants of AlHamduliLlah and BismiLlah, I ought not to have complained.

My right to peace is suspended whenever anyone wishes to add religious memes to their conversation.

Furthermore, here I am an Igbo woman running the show in a compound owned by a Hausa-Fulani, certainly ample cause for the Shia title.

My gratitude is to my caretaker Barrister A.O.N and to my landlord, whom I have never met, for their concerns for my comfort.

Looking back, I concentrated my music collection on the musical influences of my childhood and teenage years.

From 2014 April the day I downloaded the very first music, Chris De Burgh’s Lady In Red to 2016 February when I retrieved Streiht Up Menace by MC Eiht, my final music download, I obtained more than 110 music files of assorted genres.

~ * ~ * ~

[My dear guests, who relish my writings, feel free to Commission My Work]


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