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Director General
Headquarters Department Of State Services


I am Umm Sulaim Iman Taqwa, a proud citizen of Nigeria, a native of Isuikwuato in Abia State resident in Sokoto State.

My letter humbly seeks the position of the Department Of State Services on the assertions of Force Headquarters that SSS handed me over to the police.

On Wednesday 2016 March 2 at 13:21 hours, the Nigeria Police Force Complaint Response Unit ~NPF-CRU sent me the report of their investigations into human rights abuses committed against me by the Assistant-Commissioner, Sokoto State Criminal Intelligence And Investigation Department on Tuesday 2016 February 23.

Included in the report is this:

2. That you were actually handed over to the DSS by members of the public because they claimed you acted in a suspicious manner considering the security situation.
3. That the DSS handed you to the Police (State CIID Sokoto) after about 72 hours.

It is worth noting that my petition to the police has nothing to do with SSS.

In the 14 months leading to Tuesday 2016 February 23, I had no contact whatsoever with any officer of SSS Sokoto.

I was detained by DSS/ SSS Sokoto in December 2014, after which I composed a petition of human rights abuses against SSS Sokoto to then Director-General of SSS.

However, I was not informed of the outcome of my petition against the director of SSS Sokoto and four other SSS officers.

If any penalty was incurred by these SSS officers for gross human rights abuses, the penalty was certainly not a deterrent, but an inspiration for fellow thugs in the brother agency, the Nigeria Police Force.

The Assistant-Commissioner of Police in charge of Sokoto State Criminal Intelligence And Investigation Department ~AC-SCIID extensively cited the actions of SSS against me.

Well, human rights abuses perpetrated by SSS officials against me did not only buoy the AC-SCIID but also enabled the AC-SCIID to claim the Department Of State Services handed me over to the police, effectively using SSS as a criminal alibi.

The Assistant-Commissioner brazenly lied not just against me but also against the Department Of State Services.

He clearly learnt the art of brutality from SSS Sokoto. Did he equally model their ability to fabricate stories?

The Department Of State Services have two options:

1. Publicly back the utterances of the police that I was transferred to them by SSS;
2. Publicly and unequivocally, denounce the allegations of the police and state that at no time was I transferred to the police by SSS.

The one and only,
Umm Sulaim
Monday 2016 March 7

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Publisher: Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts |

Official Name: Umm Sulaim Iman Taqwa
Surname: Umm Sulaim; First Name: Iman; Middle Name: Taqwa

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