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POLICE REPORT | DSS/ SSS Allegedly Transferring Me To Police

Earlier Friday, I discussed again with DSS/ SSS Headquarters on the allegation of the Nigeria Police Force ~NPF that the Department Of State Services handed me over to the police.

I was advised to compile all the documents to be forwarded to the Director-General ~DG-SSS.

This will be the second time of my writing to the Director-General.

The first time was just over a year ago.

The outcome, well, is that SSS Sokoto have backed off from me, until of course, Sokoto police devised a scheme.

The allegation by the police is that serious, much more enormous than the provisions of the mandate of a State Director of SSS.

Yes, the case is between two security agencies: the Department Of State Services and the Nigeria Police Force.

The Complaints Response Unit ~CRU section of the Nigeria Police Force had on Wednesday 2016 March 2 claimed in their findings that SSS transferred me to Sokoto State CIID.


The police report was more a story-telling episode than a criminal investigation.

The Assistant-Commissioner of Police in charge of Sokoto State Criminal Intelligence And Investigation Department, in a move to cover his tracks of human rights abuses had drawn SSS into police fabrications.

The Assistant-Commissioner ~AC-SCIID, in his delusions, claimed his contact with me was through SSS, when the latter passed me to the police.

Force Headquarters not only bought the stage act, but also propagated it.


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