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This is the response of the Nigeria Police Force Complaints Response Unit – NPF-CRU to my PETITION TO NIGERIA POLICE FORCE OVER GROSS HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS:


1. CRU Operative in Sokoto interviewed the AC CIID in respect of your complaint.
2. That you were actually handed over to the DSS by members of the public because they claimed you acted in a suspicious manner considering the security situation.
3. That the DSS handed you to the Police (State CIID Sokoto) after about 72hrs.
4. That the Police thereafter released you after an interrogation that lasted for few hours.
5. That there is nothing to substantiate your allegations against the Police as the officers were only performing their job.
6. That your rustication from Usam Dan-Fodio University during your first year in school could be part of reasons responsible for your recent conduct.
Based on the above, your petition is referred as frivolous and case CLOSED.
Thank you for contacting the NPF-CRU.

– Unbelievable! Lies of professional liars!

I have contacted the headquarters of the Department Of State Services ~DSS/ SSS for their response.

We wait patiently.


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