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POLICE PETITION REPORT | Antitoxins To Fabrications

To further illustrate the folly of presenting me with falsehood stamped by Force Headquarters, I outline my mobile communications.

SIM Cards records and Twitter messages on Tuesday 2016 February 23:

1. From my MTN line to Skye Bank’s YES Centre – at 10:25 hours.

My battery exhausted and my cellphone automatically switched off.

2. From my Etisalat, on a smartphone, to Skye Bank’s YES Centre – twice at 10:32 hours and 10:33 hours, for 1 minutes 8 seconds and 3 minutes 28 seconds, respectively.

3. Twitter private messages – from 13:06 hours to 15:39 hours, a series of communications to and from Skye Bank PLC.

Between Skye Bank and me, we shared 16 tweets.

4. To my MTN line from my Skye Bank manager J – at 17:30 hours.

The call was unanswered. I was in the custody of State Criminal Intelligence And Investigation Department ~SCIID, Sokoto.

5. From my MTN line to J – at 17:47 hours, for 18 seconds.

I momentarily took back my items, noticed J’s missed call and returned the call.

My smartphone was seized by the detectives.

A female, officer 4, alerted officer 2 who ordered her to take my smartphone.

6. To my MTN line from J – at 17:48 hours.

Call unanswered; still in SCIID custody.

7. To my MTN line from J – 20:10 hours for 4 minutes 8 seconds.

I returned home at 20:04 hours, just in time to receive the call.

8. On Twitter messaging, to Skye Bank – at 20:17 hours.

Hopefully, the Nigeria Police Force can do some actual detective work and discover the specific locations of my cellphone and smartphone during each of the above communications.

Was any contact made from the office of the Sokoto Command of the Department of State Services ~DSS/ SSS?

Was any contact, in particular, calls 4, 5 and 6 effected to or from Sokoto State Police Command?

To fully comprehend the vulgarity of the dissemination of falsehood in the police report, I challenge Force Headquarters to demonstrate to Nigerians the trajectory of my movements, as indicated by my electronic communications.


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