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Tuesday 2016 February 23, approximately 16:45 hours was the day a team of detectives from Sokoto State Command of the Nigeria Police Force issued the order and readily complied with the instruction to strip me of my Niqab [face veil] and Hijab on a busy road in Sokoto metropolis.

Nevertheless, the Nigeria Police Force Complaints Response Unit ~ NPF-CRU concluded their investigation and declared my petition “frivolous”.

Well, that says so much for the duty of a complaints arm of an organisation.

First of all, if the deception was not a blessing to the Force, what happened to verification?

Oh yes, detectives are unable to perceive what stares them right in the face.

Once my petition on human rights abuses by CIDs attached to Sokoto State Criminal Intelligence And Investigation Department ~SCIID was connected to SSS, did officials of the complaints unit bother to communicate with the Department Of State Services?

Well, I have done just that and DSS are conducting their investigations.

I sincerely hope SSS Headquarters maintain their integrity and publicly disavow self from the atrocious allegations of Force Headquarters.

You see, my dear akada, no one who identified as an SSS officer has held me in custody since the second week of 2014 December.

More importantly, no SSS officer of Sokoto Command has contacted me in any form – in person, via telecommunications, or electronic media – after January of 2015, except when I went to SSS Sokoto to retrieve my belongings.

By 2015 January, I can only expect my petition to the Director-General had begun to sting the SSS officers named in the petition.

From 2015 January to present, 2016 March 2, all communications with DSS/ SSS officers have been at my instance, directly with DSS Headquarters.

Usually, I contact SSS Headquarters on any issue of concern.

Sometimes, SSS Headquarters have called me for clarification of my concerns.

So, when precisely was I in SSS custody for 72 hours to be handed over to the Assistant-Commissioner SCIID, Sokoto on Tuesday 2016 February 23, the day CIDs treated me as a criminal?

Would someone please assist me to count 72 hours from 2014 December and see if it tallies with 2016 February 23?

Perhaps, 14 months is 72 hours in the blindness of the police!

As I said, we wait for the words of SSS Headquarters.

DSS really must be charmed at the misuse of their organisation to cover up egregious human rights abuses by police officers. [Sarcasm]

The Assistant-Commissioner must be ingesting some good stuff, for not only did he invite the scrutiny of DSS/ SSS, but he also alleged I was rusticated from Usman Danfodio University!!!!

Serious laughter!!

I really urge the Nigeria Police Force to continue distributing to their officers whatever leads to intense hallucinations.

It fits you.

~ * ~ * ~

[My dear guests, who relish my writings, feel free to Commission My Work]



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