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The Nigeria Police Force, courtesy of Sokoto State Criminal Intelligence and Investigative Department, are finally in the business of inflicting their personal issues on citizens of Nigeria.

No, I did not just realise that the police are engrossed in human rights abuses.

Rather, my previous experiences with the security agency in Sokoto demonstrated police officers largely respect the liberties of Nigerians.

That, plus, security operatives of various ethnic and religious affiliations instantly and firmly object to any human rights violations by fellow officers.

Tuesday 2016 February 23 introduced me to an entirely new breed of police officers, vicious, devious, pretentious, with a retinue of demographic backers swift to ensure such officers are never brought to justice.

Justice for these officers – both perpetrators and defence apparatus – is mired in cover ups, deception and plain old forgive-and-forget-they-belong-to-our-religion harassment.

Sokoto State CIID must have learnt much from the Sokoto Command of the Department of State Services ~DSS, whose injustices towards me the Assistant Commissioner-CIID saw as a standard of comparison.

To coerce me into viewing perversion as normal, SSS officers attempted to brainwash me with their religious beliefs:

What you experienced from us was decreed by Allah.

Whoever Allah loves, He causes difficulties for that person. Our actions are a sign of Allah’s love for you.

If you are patient, you will go to paradise.

My thoughts: I am being brainwashed by SSS. This is very good!.

The police detectives took manipulation much further.

There were veiled threats of spurious accusations with police officers bearing false witness against me, of retaliatory investigations, of a counter petition, and of continued harassment.

Moreover, I was pestered with questions of how police officers are expected to know the complaint they received was baseless.

After all, when I lodged a complaint the State CIID invited the accused for questioning.

Perhaps my brain has ceased proper function, for how can a rational person, let alone, trained law enforcement officers equate an invitation to grabbing me, barking at me, ordering that my garment be removed, violently stripping me of my clothes and ordering me into the back of a police van, all without VERBALLY informing me I had an invitation to State CIID.

Unless, of course, an invitation no longer has a verbal application, particularly when police officers can readily play victim afterwards.

Perhaps, do you know who wants to see you qualifies as a verbal invitation, the invitation into the world of hoodlums.

When a security agency adopt the cloak of an agency of bullies, they cannot claim ignorance of receipt of malicious complaints.

An imbecile need not whine that others have kept one stupid, for one relishes idiocy.

Very early the day after the assault Wednesday 2016 February 24, once he was informed of a petition against him, the Assistant Commissioner embarked on retaliatory investigations, in a bid to justify his atrocities the previous day.

A team of detectives were in my neighbourhood, asking questions.

Who knew CIDs can conduct observations? Did they acquire such skills overnight?

Had the intention of the three detectives and their leader, the Assistant Commissioner been to uphold the law, what hindered them from arriving at the scene to observe my actions to understand whether there was a threat to peace?

Detectives are plain clothes officers and can watch me in my natural state of affairs without my knowledge.

The Assistant Commissioner had four solid hours within which to assign his officers to monitor me to discover the credibility of the complaint he received.

Better, was he not already conscious of the dubious nature of the complaint?

He acted to appease persons who share his mentality and for some personal gratification.

Personal satisfaction he attained, for he gloated that he saw my face; a direct contentment at the savagery of his men and women.

The malevolent intent behind the complaint against me is beyond doubt.

Yet, the police were willing accomplices in that malfeasance, for rather than conduct the investigation with diligence, they chose to trod the path of hate.

With that, the SCIID showed they share the very invidious intent they claim not to know.

Again, retardation in the actor is an attribute attractive to match the non-existent intellect of the accuser.

The Assistant Commissioner was aware of my presence in that location from approximately 10:00 hours to shortly after 16:30 hours.

Did the police honestly consider my staying in one spot for any length of time a sign of a breach of security?

Better than that:

Was the savagery displayed by the police towards me a warm assurance to the complainants that the police are serious about security matters?

The imbeciles who contacted the State CIID were certain their allies within the police will go to any length to affirm, embrace and enforce idiocy, not just as a security process but also as a way of life.

The police are not the victims, but the aggressors, conscious of their actions but of course defiant against personal accountability.

Finally, this act of animalism was orchestrated by both Christians and Hausa-Fulani – or Hausanised – Muslims.

That is a deviation from previous norms, and perhaps heralds a new order.

Usually, the police officers who abhor my freedoms are Hausa-Fulani Muslims and every other ethnicity and Religion, including one or two Hausa-Fulani Muslims on the side of freedom.

Officers of the Nigeria Police Force in Sokoto: Have you sunk into the abyss of brutality?

~ * ~ * ~

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