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My petition to Nigeria Police Force Complaints Response Unit ~ NPF-CRU:

The Commissioner Of Police
Sokoto State Command


A proud citizen of Nigeria, I am Umm Sulaim Iman Taqwa, a native of Isuikwuato in Abia State resident in Sokoto since October 2006.

I humbly seek swift redress over the disdain towards my human rights demonstrated by four police officers of the State CIID.

The violations of my human rights occurred between approximately 16:45 hours and 19:50 hours on Tuesday 2016 February 23.

The officers are:

1~ Assistant Commissioner in-charge of State Criminal Intelligence And Investigations Department, male.

I. He ordered that I be treated as a crime suspect because he received a complaint that I sat in one place for several hours, a violation of my freedom of movement and freedom from frivolous accusations.

II. In addition, he ordered the searching of my residence, after telling me I changed my Religion, a violation of my rights to privacy, dignity and worship.

Of course, I questioned the grounds for searching my home and informed the Assistant Commissioner his officers can search my apartment without my presence, as the key was in my purse in ****’s possession.

III. The Assistant Commissioner ordered ASP **** **** to use minimal force on me to effect the search of my residence.

That is a clear threat to my person, considering I had just related to the Assistant Commissioner the actions of his officers towards me on the road in Gawon Nama.

Perhaps, that was his definition of minimal force, violence premised on self-delusion that there exists an imminent security threat.

IV. Before I left his office to my home for the search, the Assistant Commissioner remarked to me:
You should go back where you came from. People do not want you here.

This is a flagrant contempt for my right to movement and my very citizenship.

2~ ASP **** ****, male.

He ordered the police women to remove my Niqab [face veil] in public on the street in Gawon Nama, Sokoto, an action against my freedom of Religion, dignity and privacy.

The right to worship remains guaranteed by the Constitution, not to mention the rights to dignity and privacy.

3~ **** ****, female.

She willingly and immediately fulfilled the instruction of **** ****.

She violently pulled off my Niqab [face veil] and Hijab, as if she was at war with my freedom to dress the way I choose.

That is a heinous contravention of my inherent rights to dignity and to freedom of worship.

4~ **** ****, female.

She forcefully took my handbag from me causing the contents of the bag to spill to the floor.

That is violence against my person and property, in violation of my right to privacy and dignity.

I was driven from Gawon Nama to State Command while I was not wearing my Niqab and Hijab.

Throughout the journey, I was made to sit on the floor in the back of the police van as a criminal.

At no point did officers 2, 3 and 4 inform me I was invited by the State CIID.

They focussed on barking instructions at me.

The closest they came to saying what was happening was when **** despotically asked me:

Do you know who wants to see you?

For contextual background information, please read the police statement I wrote and signed on the evening of the same day, Tuesday 2016 February 23.

I pray that when the officers are found guilty of contravention of my constitutional rights:

A. Each of the four officers be promptly sacked from the Nigeria Police Force.

B. The Nigeria Police Force pay to me, within 72 hours, the sum of ten million naira as compensation for the illegal and appalling actions of the officers towards me.

Through their actions, the four police officers acted as thugs, except with the authority of a security agency.

The Nigeria Police Force ought not to be a haven for delinquents who are no better than private citizens ignorant of the law.

Just to buttress the level of self-absorption displayed by these officers, **** **** as soon as she observed her name in my written statement, began indicating to me the names of other officers involved.

That is strikingly analogous to armed robbers and other nefarious outlaws who once arrested voluntarily testify against their accomplices.

The names she pointed out to me were already stored in my memory, as I had earlier read them on the back of the search warrant when the officers signed the document.

However, I did correctly see ****’s own surname when she showed me the document.

She invariably provided evidence against herself.

The one and only,
Umm Sulaim

Surname: Umm Sulaim; First Name: Iman; Middle Name: Taqwa

Wednesday 2016 February 24
Cellphone: +234-***-***-****
Cc: Inspector-General Of Police
Force Headquarters

Sent: Wednesday 2016 February 24 at 09:00

~ * ~ * ~

[My dear guests, who relish my writings, feel free to Commission My Work]




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  5. M.U.TANKO
    March 6, 2016

    Aslm umm sulaim.
    Actually umm sulaim your fundamental,inherent, vested,and legal right have not only been grossly violated, but also immensely and morally derogated. As a citizen of nageria constitution have given you several rights among which were grossly violated by the so called law enforcement agency.
    Please am a final year student from faculty of law (usman dan fodiyo university) sokoto. Undergoing research on the topic “VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHT law enforcement agencies in NAGERIA A CASE STUDY OF SOKOTO POLICE COMMAND”. And your response either via questionnaire or one on one interview will definitely be of great contribution towards successful compilation of my project.
    Finally my recommendation is that the appropriate body regulating and protecting the victim of human right violation should make sure umm sulaim be compensated.

    • Umm Sulaim
      March 6, 2016

      Salam Mubarak,

      Gratitude for the interest in my story.

      I shall need a photocopy of your university identification and a letter from the Head Of Department that the interview with me is relevant to your final year project.

      I shall also need a court affidavit by you that the interview is not for commercial purposes and that my words will be used verbatim without distortion in text or meaning.

      It is my pleasure to assist in your project.

      The one and only,
      Umm Sulaim

        March 6, 2016

        Am so grateful for reading and willing to assist me,pls how may i get to you with what you have demanded from me.

        • Umm Sulaim
          March 6, 2016

          Salam Mubarak:

          Please send me a message on Wednesday morning for an appointment the same day, if Wednesday is all right for you.


          The one and only,
          Umm Sulaim

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