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These are pertinent additional contextual messages I sent to Nigeria Police Force Complaints Response Unit ~ NPF-CRU:

I have just returned from SCIID since 15:30 hours.

I went there fully aware your officers have nothing tangible to discuss with me, except the urge to investigate me.

Well, I went there only because my caretaker convinced me to go.

It was three and a [half] hours spent listening to stories about treachery, very impressive.

My petition stands and I shall appreciate if the CRU oversee the investigation of my petition.

I do not care whether your officers had previously paved the streets with gold for me, their actions on Tuesday 2016 February 23 was nothing short of criminal and thuggery.

Today, the story changed, from yesterday’s I was sitting in one place for hours, to the need to know where I get my livelihood.

I gave them the information and wrote in the statement that they need to investigate those who work for they are the embezzlers.

Let us see how squeaky clean those who lodge complaints against me are.

Any bets on that?

Perhaps, the next invitation will be to investigate a complaint that I wear the wrong underwear.

That is how much of a joke the police are becoming.

Edited: [half]
Sent: Wednesday 2016 February 24 at 19:20

~ ~ ~


I should like to add that if the police in Sokoto insinuate I need to drop the petition against four of their own, for them to continue to do their job towards me, then there is a glaring ignorance about me.

Gossip may be big business, but for the sake of Force Headquarters and every reasonable police officer, I shall outline one out of my numerous principles:

My comfort is not determined by my adversaries.

I have lived alone, away from my family since I was 15 years; I shall be 40 later this year.

That is 25 years of hardcore self-preservation.

I have experienced various problems throughout those years, but at no point did I succumb to anyone who holds ill-will towards me.

My joys and troubles I relate to my well-wishers, alone.

Second Principle: I make long term enemies. Whoever CHOOSES to be an adversary to me must be prepared for a lifetime career as my enemy.

Third Principle: Everyone keeps within own limits.

My peace of mind depends on it.

Secondly, the Department Of State Security ~DSS/ SSS were repeatedly mentioned, as if they are the mentors of Sokoto SCIID.

A brief insight into my relationship with SSS Sokoto:

When SSS embarked on human rights violations under the pretext of security investigation, some attempted to convince me the director was a nice man who will despatch a team for me once I contacted him on any issue on harassment.

My thoughts were cynical: I shall call a bully to rescue me from another bully! Right! That will work!

That is the direction SCIID Sokoto are headed if they expect me to condone egregious human rights abuses in the name of cordial relations with a security agency.

The one and only,
Umm Sulaim

Sent: Thursday 2016 February 25 at 7:40


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