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My dear Nigerians:

Instead of condoning victim-playing, teach civilians how not to assault law enforcement agents.

Plus, doing so in a group makes matters worse.

Add the presence of a high level principal, in this case, the Chief Of Army Staff, Tukur Yusuf Buratai, and there is sufficient grounds for use of force.


Yes, the right to assembly is a constitutional guarantee; the right to a standoff, armed or not, with security operatives is not.

In fact, such a right does not exist.

The situation ends with eyewitnesses from only one side, law enforcement, if the other side are dead, injured, incarcerated, or in some other way unable to articulate an accurate timeline of events.

The rivalry can veer towards incoherent recriminations, where neither party present precise information on the incident.

In any case, civilians whose rights have been violated are more at a loss.

Security lose the confidence of the Nation whose protection is the essence of the establishment of law enforcement agencies.


At the moment, Nigerians champion the cause of Shia protestors who died in a blockade against the convoy of Lieutenant-General Tukur Buratai.

That advocacy is welcome.

While doing so, one needs to remind or educate Shias – and all civilians – on legal means of exercise of fundamental human rights.

Zaria incident is not the first that led to deaths of protestors.

Several months ago, occurred similar gruesome deaths between the Nigerian Army and a procession of Shia demonstrators.

Scores were killed and again the military claimed they were fired upon by armed Shia within the demonstration.

An investigation was promised, the report of which I am yet to find.

While the Army must respect and protect the inviolability of the rights of the population, we the civilians have a duty to own rights.

The civilian does not jeopardise own rights.

The recurring hostilities between the military and Shia protestors resemble the experiences of other civilians, mine included.

However, as much as I despised the men and women of the Department Of State Services ~DSS/ SSS, Sokoto, who suffocated my freedoms, I knew I needed to safeguard my right to life, first.

Because I wanted to tell my story myself, I needed to be alive to do that.

From a civilian perspective, the key to addressing any grievance against law enforcement officials is to stay alive.

Only the living can fight for human rights and justice.

The one and only,
Umm Sulaim



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