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Mulla Akhtar Muhammad Mansur in a radio message, dispelled rumours of his injury or death.

Key points of his remarks to the Mujahideen across Afghanistan have been highlighted.

There are no differences between real Mujahideen and leaders of the Emirate.

Verbal differences do not mean escalation to armed conflict.

Muslims need not be concerned about this, because the goal of the Emirate is known:

Raising the word of Allah (SWT);
Establishment of Islamic government;
Safeguarding the life, property and honour of the people and Muslims.

They have accepted death, injury, prison and all other hardships in this path.

Everyone needs to realise that such rumours which seek to afflict Muslims with pain is nothing new, this has been ongoing since establishment of Emirate, rather since the time of the Messenger.

However, they used to have patience.

Therefore, all Mujahideen, Muslim Ummah and Ulema, leaders, commander, members of the Emirate also need to understand that no such incident has occurred and no such incident shall ever occur between us over power or leadership.

We have Ulema and astute leaders who can resolve and intervene in such matters and never let it escalate to such a state.

There is no difference between a talib ~student and a Mujahid.

Persons who have deviated from the righteous path cannot misuse the name of talib.

Such a person has been labelled by the Sharee’ah with many other known names; some are called sahib al fasad [rogue who enjoys anarchy], some murtad [apostate], and some hypocrites.

Those who have spread this rumour ought to taste how it really feels like in real life.

I did not want to talk about this rumour, but was compelled to give confidence to the Mujahideen and ordinary Muslims.

Those who associated this rumour to themselves, only exposed their weakness, in a bid to harm the ordinary Muslims.

The media must realise their journalistic ethics not to spread biased baseless news.

Muslims should be confident and realise that this media war is not new, such claims will be repeatedly circulated.

Take assurance in the publications and words of the spokespersons of Islamic Emirate.

Rest assured that even if I do not reject such claims myself next time, this in no way means something has happened.

Mujahideen should focus on their work.

Do not listen to such baseless rumours and propaganda that negotiations have begun, there is no more fighting and other lies.

We will also make political manoeuvres alongside our military efforts, but when we deem it necessary.

It will not be done because of signals by others or pressure or force.

We are not fighting for power.

Everyone must realise that the demands are easy, raising the Word of Allah and establishment of Islamic government that is practically enforced in Afghanistan or else our Jihad will continue.

Every Muslim should have confidence in the words of the spokespersons in every subject; it should not concern us whether the enemy believes in it or not.

Pray for the Mujahideen worldwide.

This invented crisis degenerated as a result of:

1. Euphoria of persons who deem anarchy a legal right because they were students of Mulla Umar.

Such were at the forefront of disseminating the rumour.

The 1979 siege of Masjid Al-Haram was perpetrated by students of eminent Ulema.

– Not to menton the role of students of contemporary scholars in spreading discord.

Being a student does not necessarily confer one comprehension of what one is taught.

2. Muslims with a low self-confidence find clarification an easy position.

Rather than work on established and trusted sources of information, such Muslims prefer:

I believe anyone and anything until you provide proof to the contrary.

Such Muslims rely on the two-year silence of the Emirate over the demise of Mulla Muhammad Umar.

Do Muslims bother to understand why that decision was taken?

Persons with trust issues will recline into their glass case the moment they are faced with a critical situation.

Real life is complex.

~ * ~ * ~

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