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MULLA AKHTAR | Taliban Leader Is Not Injured

In a statement signed by Qari Muhammad Yousuf Ahmadi, the spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan debunked as false rumours of the wounding of Mulla Akhtar, the Taliban leader.

Some media outlets published reports today from the mouths of Kabul intelligence circles that the leader of Islamic Emirate, Amir Al Mu’mineen Mulla Akhtar Muhammad Mansur (may Allah safeguard him), was attacked and wounded in Kuchlak region of Quetta city yesterday.

We categorically reject this fabricated claim of the enemy intelligence apparatus.

Our credible sources state that Amir Al Mu’mineen has no presence in the stated area and neither has a security incident occurred there.

The enemy falsely claimed that the incident took place in the home of a commander named Mulla Abdullah Sarhadi, that despite the fact that his home is not even based in Kuchlak region.

Mujahideen have made many advances inside the country recently. The enemy merely wants to draw attention away from their failures with such fabricated rumours.

We request all independent and unbiased media outlets to stop damaging their reputations with the publication of such unfounded reports.

They should always contact and turn towards the spokespersons and official sources of Islamic Emirate in such matters.

Culled from website of the Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan


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