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The Muhammadu Buhari led federal government are determined to upwardly adjust the power supply tariffs for private consumers.

Please note my careful use of power supply, as power consumption has nothing to do with the monthly electricity bill, more so for consumers who are yet to install a residential power meter.

For such users of electricity without a meter – I dare say, the majority of the Nigerian market – the bill is fixed.

A fixed electricity bill comes with ups and downs.

The negatives of a fixed tariff include being charged whether or not one consumed any power that month, so one might as well use it regularly.

The dilemma is to discover means to utilise energy when one is absent from home.

On the same token, a power supply based tariff, in other words a fixed payment rate, equally means the same payment is due even when there is a reduction in energy supply.

Prudence, therefore, calls for alarm over plans to increase electricity tariff on account of improvements in power supply.

Will the gains in power distribution be sustained?

Is there really a significant hike in electricity supply?

Is that significance measurable?

How much extra electricity – longer than 12 hours a day – have consumers benefitted?

Using electricity supplied to my home as a model, I recorded the daily hours of electricity.

The results of the first week are far from impressive.

A total of 87 hours and 56 minutes of electricity were supplied in the 7-day week ending Friday October 16, 2015.

The average daily supply of energy to my home was 12 hours 33 minutes.

The increment in electricity supply is just slightly over half an hour per day.

In reality, while there has been a significant increase in power distribution, the overall effect is marginal and does not warrant any revision of tariff, at least for now.

I shall continue to record daily electricity supply to my home, for the next couple of weeks at the minimum.


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