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KOGI STATE | Gradual Descent To Boko Haram Enclave

The September 25th attack on the Kogi State Command of the Department Of State Services ~DSS/ SSS by armed persons prompted several issues in my thoughts.

It could not have been the operation of any random group of men.

The attack which left one police officer and two attackers dead was a message, or at least the initial component of a message.

However, what was the message?

Was there a grievance?

Have the State Security Service violated the liberties of a citizen, again, so much that an armed retribution was a feasible option?

Were the perpetrators a group of bandits who thought to free fellows or in some other way extract materials from SSS Lokoja office?

Was this another politically motivated incident in the series of election-related violence?


Whoever conspire and fire shots at SSS in such a gun battle that led SSS to seek reinforcement from the Nigeria Police Force ~NPF were furious at SSS over infringement of personal freedoms, unless …

The attack was directly connected to the Boko Haram insurgency.

My perplexity needed actions.

Events in Kogi, the domain of the Ebira ethnicity, among several other ethnicities, have spiralled and deteriorated.

I considered discussing that with my daddy [not biological] who is Ebira.

Sorry to say, I am yet to see him.

Going by the copycat conducts of several Ebira I have met in Sokoto, I am not surprised that anarchy in the name of Islam has been established in Okene, the heart of Ebiraland.

Anything the Hausa-Fulani do under the pretext of religion, the Ebira essentially chorus AAMEEN!

As an ethnic group, the Ebira are the faithful lieutenants of every thing Hausa-Fulani.

For that, a couple of months ago, I contacted my Islamic Ustadh, an Ebira to express concerns on the escalation of violence in Kogi State.

On social media, I had observed, much to my consternation, men in and from Kogi with links to and expressed interests in Boko Haram.

Aware my Ustadh used to visit his hometown every fortnight, I sought he raise the responsiveness and understanding of his people on the dangers of joining the insurgency.

Many Ebira here in the North adopt Hausa-Fulani mentality, I explained. Work with those in the South-West and in Kogi.

He agreed to do his best.

The duty is not his alone; we all bear that responsibility.

The people of Kogi owe self an added obligation not to grant fear a visa into their neighbourhoods.

From the bombing of Tao FM Radio Station shortly after the national elections, supposedly for political reasons, I have observed events in Kogi with rapt attention.

On Tuesday, the eve of the Islamic New Year of 1437, the Nigeria Police informed the Nation of the arrest of the perpetrators of the October 2nd Kuje and Nyanya dual bombings that murdered 20 humans.

Both suspects were indigenes of the State Of Kogi.

With intelligence obtained from apprehended suspects following the assault on SSS office, our Armed Forces in the early hours of the same day, engaged in a shootout with armed men in Enike Mosque, again in Okene.

The question is:

Have the people of Okene murdered sleep?


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