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It is my pleasure to once again celebrate with you.

Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts has been a vocal cause for social freedom.

Today, we celebrate that.

Where intimidation has been a tool to extract silence, I have made my voice.

Where fear has been a norm, I have demonstrated through my living that fear is not a culture worthy of adoption.

Thank you all for your support.

I remember Mulla Muhammad Umar and Usamah Bin Laden.

For the former, I still feel his absence; for the latter, my grief caused me insomnia.

You see, while I could not find the tears to express my feelings at the assassination of Usamah Bin Laden, my sorrow manifested in a different way.

For three months following his demise, I suffered post-traumatic stress disorder ~PTSD.

I longed for sleep, but as soon as my eyes shut, I experienced flashbacks.

It was a haunting situation.

One day, I told myself: I cannot continue like this. I need sleep.

While thoughts of Usamah were not at the fore of my conscious state, my mind had set itself to recall his death whenever I closed my eyes.

To interrupt that, I thought of positive and cheerful occasions.

With my vivid imagination, I created delightful scenes in my mind.

After three months, I regained my ability to sleep without fear.

My good friends, enjoy your day wherever you are.

The one and only,
Umm Sulaim

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