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Mulla Muhammad Umar honey,

I received news of your death with disbelief then with a tumbling of emotions.

Allah Who cherished you throughout your living raise your status in the Hereafter. Aameen.

I understand the silence, for over two years, of the Taliban on your passing.

There was a need to consolidate and strengthen the Mujahideen.

Allah remain with your family – wives and children. Aameen.

Perhaps, your transition ought to have been announced on April 23, 2013 the evening of which you completed your duties in this life.

Never mind, sweetheart.

It is just as well I restrained myself from proposing marriage to you.

Certainly, if I had professed my love for you, only to learn of your demise months earlier, I should have waged war against your media team, especially Zabihullah Mujahid and Abdulqahar Balkhi.

I pardon them and the Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan for the belated obituary.

Allah pardon them. Aameen.

Smiling, I recall the eve of the invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001.

My admiration for you was beyond bounds.

You had just declined to hand over Usamah Bin Laden.

– Resistance forever!

That was one act that stamped and sealed my heart with love for you.

All right! I did love some other men – slap on the wrist!!! – including a certain coconut head adversary of yours.

I had quietly hoped you would not die at his hands.

I hope you did not; I am not sure I can forgive him if he was responsible.

Several times, I thought of conveying my love for you.

I considered you needed to concentrate on Jihad planning.

You definitely would not want a very stubborn Nigerian woman giving you a high blood pressure!!!!

Too much excitement, it would be for you.

I wanted to go easy on you, hence my reluctance.

For you alone, I reserved a magnanimous exemption – that my participation in polygamy ~polygyny was only if you Muhammad were my husband.

You deserved that waiver.

I celebrate you and grieve over your passing.

I am dancing to you; wishing you were here by my side.

My imagination has gone adult mode, thinking of what you were like as a husband.

Kisses, Mulla Muhammad Umar.

In tears and smiles.

With love,
Umm Sulaim


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