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MULLA UMAR: Eid Al-Fitr Message 1436

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
To the whole Muslim Ummah, particularly to the Muslim and Mujahid Masses of Afghanistan!
As-Salam alaykum waRahmatuLlahi waBarakatuH.
It is a moment of deep gratitude and great honour for me to share my feelings with you concerning the sanctified and blessed days of the Religion of Islam.
1. More than fifteen hundred ~1500 religious scholars of our country issued the decree of Holy Jihad to the Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan, which was subsequently approved by the righteous scholars around the world.
2. As our leader, the beloved Prophet, was actively engaged in fighting the infidels, he simultaneously
a~ participated in agreements beneficial for Muslims,
b~ held meetings with envoys of kuffar,
c~ sent messages and delegations to them and,
d~ on various occasions even undertook the policy of face to face talks with warring non-Muslim parties.
If we look into our religious regulations, we can find that meetings and even peaceful interactions with the enemies is not prohibited.
What is unlawful is to deviate from the lofty ideals of Islam and to violate religious decrees.
Therefore, the objective behind our political endeavours as well as contacts and interactions with countries of the world and our own Afghans is to end the occupation and to establish an independent Islamic system in our country.
It is our legitimate right to utilise all legal pathways because being an organized and liable setup, we are responsible to our masses; we are an integral part of human society and rely upon one another.
All Mujahideen and fellow citizens should be confident that in this process, I shall unwaveringly defend our legal rights and viewpoint everywhere.
3. We insist upon the unity of Jihad front in Afghanistan.
We have therefore directed all our Mujahideen to preserve their unity and forcefully prevent all those elements who attempt to create differences, damage this Jihad front or try to disperse the Mujahideen.
4. We look upon every Muslim as our brother and we formally recognise the legitimate rights of all Afghans including minorities as our religious duty.
I assure you that the upcoming changes will in no way resemble the situation following the collapse of the communist regime when everything turned upside down.
There are no such disagreements inside the Jihad ranks as were in the past.
This time every legal development around the country will be preserved, national assets and the achievements of private sector will be maintained, the dignity of all individuals and communities of the country will be honoured.
An accountable, transparent, professional and inclusive Afghan administration will be setup to meet both the worldly and religious needs of the Afghan masses.
We have always tried, in light of Islamic principles and national interests, to maintain cordial and reciprocal relations with all neighbouring, regional and world countries so that Afghanistan is secured from both external malice as well as internal differences.
5. Some circles accuse Mujahideen of being agents of Pakistan and Iran.
This is an utterly unjust verdict because neither our past history nor the present prevailing circumstances attest to this statement.
The forthcoming history will also be a witness against these false accusations, In Sha Allah.
Nevertheless, it is a fact that we have sought cordial relations not only with Pakistan and Iran but also all other neighbouring countries.
Just like towards the people of Pakistan and Iran, we have been the well-wishers of all masses of all neighbouring, regional and world countries and we are determined to pursue this wise policy.
If foreign aid were so effective then it would have treated the wounds of the Kabul administration, which enjoys the unconstrained support of fifty countries.
They freely get weapons and manpower from abroad, even their leaders are brought up and trained by the foreigners.
Therefore, if we were not supported by Allah Almighty as well as our pious masses and Jihad spirit, how could it be possible for us to have sustained this lopsided war for fourteen years against major world military powers with the insignificant and secret support of either one or two neighbouring countries?
Without a doubt, no sane mind would ever accept this nonsense.
6. Some people, without having any sound proof, think that the Islamic Emirate is against all new developments, modern sciences and resources.
This despite the overall expenditure on schools and higher educational institutions being higher than the traditional religious madrassas during the reign of the Islamic Emirate.
Twenty percent ~20% of the budget was allocated for education and training.
Contemporary studies are recommended by our religious scholars as they are obligatory according to Islamic teachings.
The Islamic Emirate realise the value and importance of modern sciences and sources in the light of our Sharee’ah.
The proof is that Mujahideen are facilitating both religious and modern studies for the young generation of our beloved homeland in all the areas under their control.
7. To the Mujahideen: The protection of lives and property of ordinary people is your Islamic and human responsibility.
Particularly in your military planning, take all possible measures to avoid civilian losses and casualties.
Win over your nation with good behaviour.
8. Oh Mujahideen! Try your best to invite and guide the opponents to the right path and provide them with secured and honourable living conditions.
Instead of killing them, it is better to reform ~guide them.
9. Muslims of the whole world and specially the pious masses of Afghanistan are requested to increase their physical and financial support to the Mujahideen amidst the current triumphant process as you constantly extended it over the past fourteen years.
You should remember that Jihad is an individual obligation upon every single Muslim.
If one cannot participate in the Jihad fronts physically, one can discharge that duty by extending financial or political or cultural support to the Mujahideen.
10. To end, I request all the leaders and masses of the Muslim world to maintain unity and fraternity among themselves and not allow internal differences to weaken their ranks.
The policy of tolerance, patience, acumen and strict abidance by Islamic Sharee’ah should be adopted.
I would like to remind all the well-off sympathising brothers to extend their complete support to the bereaved families of the martyrs, prisoners, disabled, poor and orphans of frontline Mujahideen during these happy days of Eid Al-Fitr.
They should not be left alone and must be encouraged, because it is the source of success and prosperity in this world as well the world hereafter.
Wish good for others as you seek it for yourselves.
Servant of Islam
Mulla Muhammad Umar Mujahid

MULLA UMAR: Eid Al-Fitr Message

I must say a hearty welcome to Mulla Umar and the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate for finally coming round to the idea of dialogue with whomever sincerely wishes to talk.
I look forward to more details and outcome of these talks.


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