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HUMAN RIGHTS: SSS And Religious Freedom

My akada will be familiar with my petition to the Director-General of Nigeria’s spy agency, the State Security Service ~SSS/ DSS.


I did publish the detailed documentation of the terrorism I experienced at the hands of Hausa-Fulanis and hausanised Muslims at the Sokoto Command of the service.

June 24 will be six months since the day I posted the petition.

It has been multiple calls and several mobile phone messages to the headquarters of SSS to press for justice and transparency.

On Monday June 15, I again called SSS Headquarters and three days later, I sent them this message:


1~ I have noted each time I call SSS HQ, there is an investigation. Then silence, until my next call to SSS HQ and the cycle is repeated.

2~ The cyclic process needs to end.

3~ I demand closure on this case, by Monday June 22, 2015:

A~ All 5 SSS officials must be SACKED, not retired, should they still be employed in the service as of this moment.

B~ The civilian Sirajo Aliyu who conspired with SSS to terrorise me over whatever he calls religion must be arrested and charged appropriately.

4~ If I do not hear from SSS HQ by noon of Monday June 22, 2015, I shall call to express my immeasurable displeasure.

The one and only,
Umm Sulaim Iman Taqwa

Publisher: Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts

Sent: 11:17:25 hours, Thursday June 18, 2015

Of course, the officials of the Department Of State Services ~DSS could perceive the message as confrontational and an ultimatum, as if SSS were a terrorist agency and, therefore, my insistence on justice is misplaced.

The staff who took my calls last Friday did act as if I were interested in their bureaucratic marathon.

After several attempts to get them to contact the Office Of The Director-General to discover the progress of my petition, they insisted I send a reminder in the post.

To which I retorted:

Why should I write a reminder when you can simply put a call through to his department?

Some hours later, I sent SSS Headquarters this SMS:


Read first 3 tweets on my account:

Senior officials can be shrouded in secrecy only when they are no better than their subordinates or when juniors do not want to be regulated by superiors.

The one and only,
Umm Sulaim

Sent: 17:07:26 hours, Friday June 12, 2015

I commend a majority of the staff at the Headquarters of the Department Of State Security who have handled my calls with professionalism.

I, however, insist on being informed of the outcome of investigations over the petition and steps taken to redress the actions of terrorists within SSS.

There must be transparency.

NO! This is not entirely an internal matter.

Sirajo Aliyu and his fellow terrorists within SSS Sokoto Command did not impose their filthy religion on an SSS official.

They terrorised me.

Therefore, this is not an SSS-on-SSS offence.

The findings of the investigation must be made known to me.

The State Security Service have until 12:00pm of Monday June 22 to either deliver incontestable justice or publicly admit to endorse terrorism and religious intolerance.

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