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In a high level letter to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and the Islamic State, the Deputy Amir of the Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan, Mulla Akhtar Muhammad Mansoor, cautioned ISIS/ ISIL against the repercussions of operations antagonistic to the Taliban.

Mulla Akhtar emphasised a united Jihad front under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate.

Of course, there is no coincidence that unity was a core aqeedah of Usamah Bin Laden, whose teachings the Islamic State claim to espouse.

Here are excerpts:

We ask Allah to give us power to serve the Religion of Allah, and wish and pray for victory for all Mujahideen and their tiding to the rule of Sharee’ah.

Oh Mujahideen! Afghanistan since the rise of first century of Islam until now is a strong and fortified castle of Islam and has played second most important role after the Arabian Peninsula in the spreading of Islam in the Asian continent.

The international heroes of recent Jihad:

Imam-ul-Mujahideen Shaykh Abdullah Azzam,
Qaid-ul-Mujahideen Shaykh Usamah Bin Laden,
Qahir-us-Salibeen Abu Musab Az-Zarqawi

RahimahumuLlah ~[Allah have Mercy on them all] were privileged to have graduated from the madrasah ~school of Afghanistan Jihad.

It is urgent to bring to your attention that the Jihad policy of the Islamic Emirate against the British, Russians, Americans and international kuffar is unity of purpose with a special focus on unity of Jihad formations.

We have already tasted the nasty experiences of discord in Jihad formations during the Soviet invasion.

The Islamic Emirate strictly insist on a single Jihad front.

The Islamic Emirate by adhering to the Qur’an, from our previous Jihad experiences and understanding of the environment of the Afghan society, do NOT consider the existence of multiple Jihad organisations a benefit to Jihad or Muslims.

Because this is one of the peculiarities of the Afghan environment – that internal conflicts and disputes always exist – and if the leadership is one then this eliminates the chances of disarray.

We, therefore, wish from Allah not to let that happen in such a sensitive stage, where we already face many conspiracies from the kuffar.

Your supporters should not take such actions which will cause disruptions in the Mujahideens’ command, cause disunity and enable our enemies get to their aim which is to bring confusion among the united lines of Islamic Emirate.

Until now, the Islamic Emirate have successfully eliminated all fitnah of disputes, conflicts and divisions by having a single formation.

And now if there are struggles that introduce another line of Jihad or leadership besides the Islamic Emirate, this will deliberately assist in providing an environment of disputes and divisions.

Therefore, the Islamic Emirate condition Jihad operations under the leadership of the Emirate.

That unity of lines is a need, necessity and obligation, especially when we are at war with Americans.

Therefore, Jihad in Afghanistan against American occupation forces and their allies must be under single banner and single leadership.

The leadership of the Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan is appointed by a 1,500 strong Ulema Council of the country by issuing a Fatwa and their allegiance to Islamic Emirate.

Mulla Umar: The Making Of A Leader IV

Plus, internationally acclaimed Fiqhi Scholar such as Shaykh Hamud Bin Qalaa Al-Shuaibi RahimahuLlah and Jihad leader such as Usamah Bin Laden RahimahuLlah have recognised and acknowledged this emirate.

Moreover, the Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan are steadily standing and following the same stance and have support from all followers of Ahl-us-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah.

No one has found anything or point of dispute or have complained.

There is no reason from the point of view neither of Sharee’ah nor of logic to have opened another parallel line.

The Islamic Emirate desire your goodness, since you are our brother in Islam.

Considering we do not interfere in your affairs, we expect a reciprocity from you.

We ask that your excellency not get information from those sources who are not happy with the Islamic Emirate for different reasons or have been expelled from the lines of Jihad due to their crimes.

Rather, you should directly contact the Islamic Emirate leadership through our media representative and get your satisfaction regarding matters.

This will increase trust and confidence between us.

We expect and wish that other Jihad movements throughout the world support us in every manner to transform our Jihad to victory.

We do NOT expect them to divide the lines of Jihad and cause failure of Mujahideen, and keep us away from the triumph of kuffar’s defeat.

All of our achievements will be wasted due to the divisions of lines and opportunity will be lost.

If the people associated to you create problems for the Islamic Emirate, Muslims all over the world will be displeased with these acts.

Our advice to you is that in no way should you create such atmosphere where the services of these movements will be affected, discipline disregarded, cause internal disputes, and at last, differences of opinion cause blood shed.

Believe us that such actions are very badly damaging your popularity and your future activities.

This causes martyrdom of Muslims and righteous persons.

Here in Afghanistan, many times people pretend to be Mujahideen in order to attempt to ruin the image of Jihad and Mujahideen.

Due to your remoteness, these self-centred and horrible people would misuse your name for such actions.

Never should decisions be made from afar that would cause dissatisfaction here of the Mujahideen leaders, scholars, and 1000s of steadfast Mujahideen.

The Islamic Emirate act to preserve the blood of 2 million martyrs, and our achievements.

Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan

Deputy Leader and Acting Leader of Leadership Council

Mulla Akhtar Muhammad Mansoor


Contrary to remarks that the tone of the letter was too lenient, almost pleading, the structure of the communication is firm, authoritative and straightforward.

Abu Bakr’s likely response: You join us! I am the Khaliph.


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