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I have spent this evening weeping over the vulnerability of children.

NELSON MANDELA: From The Eyes Of An Admirer

Without my asking, a young girl voluntarily corroborated my position and was threatened with beating by the women of her family.

I had purchased a bottle of CocaCola and paid 500 naira.

Shortly afterwards on my return to retrieve the balance, her grandmother insisted I had given her 200 naira.

The balance I received was, therefore, for 200 naira.

Other saleswomen backed her.

The young girl, who was present at the transaction, came and was informed, by I believe her mother, of the situation.

She verified she saw me hand over 500 naira.

The intimidation began.

Of course, I defended the girl, cautioning her family that if she were an adult they certainly will not address her the way they did.

The money I was prepared to leave with them, but I battled tears over what the girl will face after my departure.

I intimated the proprietress that the child she insisted on beating is intelligent.

On my visits to the restaurant, I observed the girl was smart, smarter than several of the adults.

The grandmother herself, I liked and respected.

She was courteous and spoke fluent English.

Eventually, the elderly woman assured me she will not beat her granddaughter.

I calmed the girl and took my leave.

Nelson Mandela - Obeisance

Do adults and parents know that:

Every child will one day grow into an adult?

Adulthood is an inevitable reality, which no parent or family can control.

Then, the vulnerability inherent in childhood dissipates.

Allah keep children strong.


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