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On Wednesday May 20, 2015, I downloaded the latest set of 150 letters from and to Usamah Bin Laden, which has been supposedly declassified* by the Office Of The Department Of National Intelligence ~ODNI in the United States Of America.

This publication, however, is an analysis of Bin Laden’s letters released in 2012 and recently published on Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts.

Warn the Mujahideen against entering into confrontations with groups belonging to Islam.

In other words, differences in approach is no justification for conflict let alone takfeer.

Interestingly, the so-called Islamic State ~ISIS/ ISIL, who claim to adhere to the teachings of Bin Laden, have declared war against several known Islamic organisations from the Mujahideen to Muslim Brotherhood to Hamas.

Yet, Shaykh Usamah, as he is addressed by ISIS, recognised those as legitimate Islamic governments.

It is probable that most of the areas will have governments established on the remnants of the previous governments, and most probable these governments will belong to Islamic parties and groups, like the Brotherhood and the like.

Unlike ISIS who behead Muslims for failures to redeem agelong anti-Islam cultural within days, Bin Laden appreciated that such changes takes time and efforts.

The more time that passes and the dawah increases, the more the people will support, and the more widespread will be the correct understanding among the coming generations of Islamic groups.

To ensure conformity to Al-Qaedah principles, Usamah advocated a top-down regulation of each activity of Al-Qaedah operatives.

Usamah Bin Laden believed in precision in every sense of the word.

In addition, Al-Qaedah needed to be sensitive to public pains.

The founding leader of Al-Qaedah made everyone – leaders and led – feel important “as every voice that can contribute should not be excluded”.

Usamah in his letters to Al-Qaedah leadership and administrators expressed that the Mujahideen bore the responsibility of ensuring the safety of Muslim civilians, not just from enemy fire but also from friendly fire.

Jihad operations need constant review to limit civilian casualty, was the advice of Usamah Bin Laden.

Yes, the Shaykh sought the restoration of the Khilaphah; he was intelligent to understand that the feasibility of the Khaliphate has to weighed on its merits.

Assigning administrators to their areas of competence, Usamah Bin Laden established a viable structure where decisions are taken based on accurate comprehension of the situation.

Usamah Bin Laden maintained communication channels with Al-Qaedah leaders on the field, through whom he was updated on the realities on the ground.

Frowning at deception even in a crisis, Usamah took the position that the words of a Mujahid, when the need arose, ought to be equivocal: which would neither deny nor prove.

Usamah desired ease not just for Al-Qaedah and affilates, but also for Muslims living within the sphere of influence of the Mujahideen.

Usamah was in support of mass civil action devoid of incomplete or short-term solutions.

Besides, ignorance has no place among Muslims, for which Bin Laden ensured that Muslims were educated.

He cautioned against labelling Muslims, for often Muslims who adhere to a certain doctrine embrace proper Aqeedah.

Know that movements calling for half solutions such as Al-Ikhwan [the Brotherhood] have witnessed a spread of the proper ideology among their membership in recent years, especially in the growing generations.

Keep in mind the necessity of being kind to the children of the Ummah who fell under misguidance for several decades


Usamah Bin Laden emphasised:

The benefit of doubt when it comes to dealing with crimes and applying the Sharee’ah

Run things in a wise and jurisprudent manner in coordination with the Islamic powers in each particular nation


It is abundantly evident ISIS and the leader of Al-Qaedah are on divergent paths entirely.

Moreover, Usamah Bin Laden was not the misanthrope the west created in their mind.

*The communications of Usamah Bin Laden are not the property of the US government, and hence not theirs to classify in the first instance.


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