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Wasila Tasi’u, the young girl in Kano who poisoned her forced husband, can finally rejoice.

She is to regain her freedom after the prosecutor dropped charges of culpable homicide against her.

The prosecutor, on Wednesday May 20, 2015, asked the Federal High Court to discharge the 15 year-old girl.


Interestingly, the prosecutor sought to end the case against the teenager “with a heavy heart”.

How heavy is his heart when parents and the society dictate a spouse for a woman or girl?

The heaviness of one’s heart ought to protect vulnerable citizens and restrain bullies.

Let us hope Wasila is not sent back to those irresponsible parents of hers.

Her life will be further abused should that happen.

With few adult relatives willing to stand with children against parents, Wasila has no option but to reunite with her family.

And NO, there is no such thing as seeking the forgiveness of her parents so she will be eligible for Jannah.

Allah Who created Paradise did not make a child’s condition in the Hereafter dependent on parental excesses.

If anything, she deserves an unequivocal apology from her parents, especially her father for giving her in marriage without her consent.

It is advisable for the Nigeria Police Force to caution Wasila’s parents against infringements of her rights.

Besides, while it is convenient to blame the termination of the case on pressure from foreign sources, several Nigerians, including myself, criticised the trial and demanded its closure.

Rather, her parents ought to have been put in the accused dock for a string of child rights’ violations.

To all Wasilas, keep your head high.

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This entry was posted on May 21, 2015 by in Human Rights.


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