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I came home tonight
Ready for kisses tight
There was naught.

Noticing in his pocket
A picture in a locket
I was lost.

Amid tears in tatters
My world stood still
How could he?

Was she better than me
What did I do wrong
What do I lack?

I consoled myself
He certainly is not all that
There is more to life.

If he begs me to stay
I might, but first
I shall play as he played.


This article applies to an unfaithful wife as much as it does to disloyal husband.

However, there exists a gender disparity on who is allowed for instance to misbehave.

It is, therefore, normal for men to have extra-marital affairs while the wife remains loyal to the one man.

My belief is that women need to quit playing victim and match the man or kick him out of her life.

For purity of faith, ending the relationship is a better option.



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This entry was posted on May 15, 2015 by in Marriage, Nightmare.


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