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Now the pitfalls:

1- Security pitfall: I shall issue a small guideline, signed by the organisation, for awareness and directions for anyone thinking about Jihad.

This is to prevent the brother from burning himself before burning the enemy.

I shall also add a suggestion to indicate they are preparing the stage for the coming nation, to disguise our intentions from our enemy.

This leads him to thinking it is a dream attributable to the demise of our cadres and the adversity we face.

We shall utilise the right individual at the right stage, either before or after the creation of the nation.

The format of the guideline will be video, audio, written and translated to all languages available to us.

It will save time in training and make any newcomer an arrow ready to fly.

2- We have to make our position unequivocally clear on the issue of inflexibility and narrow-mindedness.

We must have concise, written instructions published for all of the awakening youths to know our stand.

The benefits are undeniable on having a guideline to abide by, for ourselves as well as our friends, and to rid ourselves of the accusation of inflexibility and narrowmindedness.

It will also broaden the horizons of our brethren.

We are approaching a stage where narrow-mindedness is a killer, and ignorance of the Sharee’ah is damning.

Lately, the term “the Salafi approach to Jihad” is spreading on the Internet, accusing individuals of not following the approach.

It is a very dangerous situation, especially because it is attributed to us and the rise of new groups advocating for a stringent form of the faith.

The certainty in issues related to Jihad is mere guessing used to stereotype and classify people in a way that is not free from the hands and intervention of state security apparatus.

It is a possibility that cannot be ignored.

This stereotyping boasting with titles, isolates and segregates us from the Ummah.

You have experienced it in Peshawar and have seen its outcome in Algeria.

If this concept gains footing, it will put the individuals in a situation where they refrain from speaking the truth for the fear of stereotyping.

Therefore, it is a must to eliminate it while in its infancy, and expand peoples’ horizons, guiding them gently to the truth.

We are not monopolising the Salafi way or any other doctrine, but we are members of the entire Ummah, reciting the words of its scholars on righteousness.

And we do not hold any grudges or are unreachable by the followers of any dogma.

We are all from one Ummah and we are all held by our words, and none but the ones descried in the Cow verse are left.

The matter of the practical Jihad operations is vast.

And the issues we are facing now are agreed upon by the prominent scholars of our Ummah.

We must avoid the stigma of being a one-dimensional sect, opposed to all others.

We are Muslims following the teachings of Islam.

We are not the owners of the Salafi way, and must avoid stereotyping each other.

It is important to have a memoranduom issued from Shaykh Abu Yahya and Shaykh Mahmud clarifying the issues of penitence, atonement, and the virtue of patience; refraining from accusing and judging without being qualified to judge.

– Plus expanding the awareness of the followers in the arenas of politics and Sharee’ah, which I believe publishing a letter in the form of questions and answers will help greatly.


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