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Except that Hamzah is one of the Mujahideen and he bears their thoughts and worries.

At the same time he can interact with the Ummah, as it is difficult to indict him and to ask Qatar to extradite him because he was imprisoned when he was a child.

Therefore, there are no crimes outstanding against him.

27- In the past, I watched some of programmes about me, the most recent of which was Al-Islamiyun programme [the Islamists].

In one of its episodes was a repeated matter that relied on incorrect information, and in some case inaccurate information.

As you know, if the person does not disclose his history then the media people and the historians will make up some history for him with whatever information is available to them, whether right or wrong.

For that reason, in order not to have a mix-up on that subject, I thought that you could arrange with Ahmad Zaydan to prepare a programme documented by us with real information, which I might send to you in a future message.

And part of the agreement is that the work would be joint between Al-Jazeera and As-Sahab, so that they have the copyrights preserved to them.

In closing: We wait to hear your news and messages, and we pray to Allah to guide us all on what He likes and on what pleases Him, and to get us together with His help and will, and cover us with His Mercy, and praise Allah.

Your brother Zamarai.

–The attached is what Shaykh Yunis wrote:

Our status and the two pitfalls endangering us which we need to eradicate.

At present, we are experiencing the most favourable atmosphere in the history of the Islamic Ummah.

There is a base of youths adopting our teachings and following our path without any efforts on our parts to teach them the faith.

They are ready for anything posted for them on the web [Internet], after validating the source.

It is the main principle of the empowerment strategy, as the saying goes – Swords conquer and knowledge enlightens – and capturing the hearts comes before controlling nations.

It makes the establishment of the Religion easier.

The best example is the model of Fairuz Al-Daylami, who accomplished his task without seeing the Prophet Muhammad.

– Because Fairuz knew in his heart what was needed to be done, and did it.

Therefore, there is a need for spreading our cause and simplifying its principles so it is easy to understand and clarifying its applicability in answering all the mundane and religious questions.

The model will speed up the conquering, the victory, and uncover any hidden surprises from the unexpected in our midst, which is a point realised by the enemy of Allah among the Christians.

They have found a class of followers in our countries who are educated in their culture to work for them.

It behooves us to facilitate the Jihad road before our ores in unimaginable, easy, and clean-to-achieve ways, and to protect against two dangerous pitfalls: one is security related and the other is inflexibility and narrowmindedness, on which I will elaborate later.

Having the youth base represent the right soil for our cause, without having to publicise our activities.

The leadership cadre here in Khurasan has been praised and trusted by everyone.

It is doing that on our behalf, allowing us freedom of movements and innovation in the methods, the ways of smuggling, and counterfeiting.

Mastering these skills will allow us to teach the art of mingling among the people executing our strikes and hiding without a trace.

– To be continued.



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