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The main thing about succeeding in avoiding surveillance is to go to the tunnel and to move after getting out of it in overcast weather, even if that would lead to them waiting for some time, knowing that the Peshawar area and its surroundings is often cloudy.

They also should be warned on the importance of getting rid of everything they received from Iran, such as baggage or anything, even as small as a needle.

This is as there are eavesdropping chips that are developed to be so small that they can even be put inside a medical syringe.

And since the Iranians are not to be trusted, then it is possible to plant chips in some of the coming people’s belongings.

This process will be done only with Umm Hamzah.

As for my sons Uthman and Muhammad, it would be nice to arrange a safe place for them in Pakistan.

And it is preferred that we communicate with the Iranians if they release my family and do not release my daughter Fatimah.

They promised that after the release of their prisoner with us that they will release my family, which includes my daughter Fatimah, and she is connected to her husband.

It is not fair to separate women from their husbands, so she should be released with her husband and his other wife Umm Hafs.

As for what concerns my son Hamzah, you had an opinion that the arrival of the brothers to us be stopped due to the current difficult situation.

After thinking it over, I sent to Shaykh Sa’id, Allah have Mercy on his soul, an opinion that he agreed on with me, which is that we receive all the brothers arriving.

That way they remain as a lifeline and replenishment for what we lose of talents and cadres.

Plus, there should be a time limit on their stay in Pakistan to two or three weeks.

During this time, they are given a quick training course that is heavy on Aqeedah in addition to weapons usage basics.

Through that, we get to identify the talents and abilities of the coming brothers.

Whom we find is distinguished and capable on call and recruitment, we shall send him to his country to conduct specific missions such as inciting for Jihad over the internet, collecting donations, or recruiting some distinguished brothers.

We shall keep a limited number of them to develop their energy with you in Waziristan.

As far as the rest of the youth, you send the ones that show toughness, discipline, and adherence to Islamic manners to the front with the Taliban.

You tell him that he will live as they live.

Those that you notice who do not have it, then you apologise to them.

And tell them that when the conditions improves, we shall send an invitation out for him and his like to respond and join.

Based on that, there is an issue that I wanted to consult with you.

This is that my son Hamzah be sent to Qatar, where he studies religious sciences, and perform the duty of educating the Ummah and delivering some of what we ask him to deliver to the Ummah, spread the Jihad doctrine, and refute the wrong and the suspicions raised around Jihad within the freedoms allowed there.

There is no doubt that the Ummah needs to be approached and closely interacted with, and the knowledge of its realities and the approaches that need to be used in delivering the information.

The Mujahideen do not get that opportunity because of their distance and the apostates chasing them worldwide.

This denies them the chance to find out the needs of the Ummah and to respond to these needs.

– To be continued.



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