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Also ask them about the truth in the news that talks about beginnings of negotiations and truce talks between them and the Pakistani government.

What is theirs and your opinion on that, knowing that much of what I have said about Yemen can be applied to the situation on your side.

22- It would be nice to inform us of the veracity of what was mentioned of arresting our brother Azzam Al-Amriki.

23- It would be nice if you can send us the book of Shaykh Abu Yahiya (Enemy Usage Of Bystanders In Present Jihad), and his book (Studies In Decisive Unanimity).

It would be better that you provide us with each theological work published by you.

24- Enclosed is a message for Shaykh Yunis.

Please deliver it to him if he is on your side or if he has travelled, but there is a secure mode of delivering it.

If there is no secure method to deliver it, then please destroy it.

25- It would be nice to inform me of whom you have of the brothers who have no objection to accompanying me, and they are natives of this country and their situation is suitable for that matter.

I asked Shaykh Sa’id, Allah have Mercy on his soul, to tell me who he has and he mentioned some of the brothers, except that their situation, security wise, was not suitable to our conditions.

It seems that he had limited choices, so please continue the search.

Provide me with names and resumes of the brothers that you think are qualified.

You know the features that they must have,

-like being tested until there is no doubt and;

-that he is not wanted by the authorities for lawsuits or crimes, and;

-that he owns an official identity ~ID card that is valid or can renew it if it has expired and;

-that he is able to rent houses and purchase requirements;

-that he be secretive even from his family and friends, and;

-to be well-mannered, quiet, patient, aware, and knowledgeable of the enemy tricks, and;

-able to stay away from his family if that becomes risky;

-that he is not from an area known to have many Mujahideen and;

-that he does not inform you of his real name or the location where his family lives.

And please pay attention to that subject and inform me within two months, as the notice that my companion has given me is limited.

26- Brother Abdallah Al-Halabi (Abdul-Lateef) informed me that my family in Iran is on the way to come to the brothers in Pakistan or Waziristan.

As a precaution and to safeguard everyone, we have to assume that their arrival will be different than what we are used to when our brothers arrived who were coming from Iran in the past.

This is for several reasons of which is that my son Laden has been allowed by the Iranians to exit Iran and go to Syria as a show of good will to the rest of the detainees, and that they will be released.

Plus, he will be keen on informing the family that his brothers will be exiting soon from Iran.

No doubt that such news will be exchanged over the phone, while the phones are monitored.

Thus, the information will be available to the adversaries.

Accordingly, if the intelligence commander in the area is aware, he will think that they are headed to me and will survey them to find the place that they will settle.

Regardless of the possibilities in monitoring them, we have to be on the cautious side and take the following steps to break the surveillance:

They will go to the tunnel between Kuhat and Peshawar, and arrange a meeting between them and another brother.

The meeting must be precise in timing and it will be inside the tunnel.

They will change cars inside the tunnel, so they will ride in the car with the brother that they will meet instead of the car they were riding initially.

The brothers who are going to drive the car must be instructed on the strict adherence to the timings.

After changing cars, the brother who is driving the car that is subject to surveillance will drive to an area that is unsuspected.

The people coming from Iran will go to Peshawar, go to one of the closed markets, and change cars again.

Then they are to head to a safe place in Peshawar until we arrange for them to come, with Allah’s Will.

– To be continued.



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