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For example, the operation of brother Faisal Shahrazad, Allah release his imprisonment, was possible to avoid his capture and the errors that happened easily by one who had experience in that area.

If a brother purchased the vehicle and then travelled from America to Waziristan before the operation, it would have made it difficult to capture the brother that fast.

Based on that, draw their attention to the significance of cooperation among us.

The possibility of the two sides adopting the operation reduces the possibility of these errors.

After which, the Americans commented that the Mujahideen have become unable to conduct a large-scale operation that is well planned.

18- You have to keep in mind the possibility, though remote, that journalists may be involuntarily monitored, in a way that we or they do not know about, either on ground or by satellite, especially Ahmad Zaydan.

Plus it is possible that a tracking chip could be put into some of their personal effects before coming to the meeting place to conduct any business with them, or to conduct an interview with one of the brothers.

As you know Ahmad Zaydan has interviewed a number of the Taliban leaders and also with Shaykh Sa’id Allah, have Mercy on his soul.

And, the Americans did not kill any of them or know his location from surveying Ahmad Zaydan.

Except that it may be a matter that might attract their attention, as they identified the house where the brothers Abu Umar Al-Baghdadi and Abu Hamzah Al-Muhajir Allah, have Mercy on their souls, were staying, across satellites, by monitoring some brothers who were released from prison and who went to them after that.

Based on that, it would be prudent and a defeat to the enemy to avoid any meetings with journalists.

And paying attention to aircraft and satellite surveillance cannot be avoided with training on counter surveillance or changing vehicles or conducting meetings with journalists in a place away from the location of the Mujahideen, or bringing the journalists by night so that they do not find the way and the other procedures like that.

However, you should use the secure means in contacting the media and journalists which are using the mail.

Therefore, please inform our brothers of the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan about that for fear on their safety.

19- It is obvious that remaining on the same M.O. in communications between us makes it weak from a security point of view, as it makes it easy on the enemy to find out the method that we use in communicating.

For that, initially we have to employ the following steps:

A- That the two brothers’ couriers from my side and yours should not meet to exchange messages, except in a closed market or mall.

B- That the brother who is bringing the messages out of Waziristan report to you after every trip to inform you if the security situation is normal or elevated and changed, like increased scrutiny, questioning, or photography, whether aimed at specific persons or at all the passersby or that the search elements have been replaced with elements that are more alert and attentive.

20- Regarding our brother Abu Talhah Al-Almani, Shaykh Sa’id, Allah have Mercy on his soul and accept him among the martyrs, told me that the brother was on his way to a martyrdom operation.

If he has executed the operation, we ask Allah to take him among the martyrs and put him in Paradise.

If his operation has been delayed and you see that he has a special talent that is lacking in the external work section, then it would be good to tell him that.

If he postpones his desire to conduct a martyrdom operation then he should write to me his vision of external work.

21- It would be nice to ask our brothers of Pakistani Taliban to deny their connection to the recent operation in Lahore against (phonetic: Al-Briluwiyah).

[This possibly refers to: (The News Online, 2 July) Lahore: Two back-to-back martyrdom bombings and a cracker blast killed at least 42 people and injured over 175 inside the crowded shrine of Data Gunj Bukhsh in Lahore on Thursday night.]

– To be continued.


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