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They have to be picked with the utmost care and with very accurate specifications, one of which is that they are willing to conduct martyrdom actions and are prepared to do daring, important, and precise missions that we may ask of them in the future.

Please pay top attention to this matter due to its utmost importance.

Establish a mechanism to monitor and follow up on the brothers going to study aviation so that we reduce the chances of them slackening from conducting Jihad.

7- It would be nice if you would ask the brothers in all regions if they have a brother distinguished by his good manners, integrity, courage, and confidentiality, who can operate in the US.

(He should be able to) live there, or it should be easy for him to travel there.

They should tell us this without taking any action and also tell us whether or not he is willing to conduct a martyrdom operation.

8- It would be nice if you would send the message to the brothers in all regions, without exception, that whoever has an operation outside the region where he is located must coordinate with you.

This is so there will be no conflicts between operations or failures where the brothers could be exposed or captured.

9- It would be nice if you would send two messages – one to brother Abu Mus’ab ‘Abdul-Wadud, and the other to brother Abu Basir Nasir Al-Wahishi – and ask them to put forward their best in cooperating with Shaykh Yunis in whatever he asks of them.

Hint to the brothers in the Islamic Maghreb that they provide him with the financial support that he might need in the next six months, to the tune of approximately 200,000 euros.

These two messages are to be coordinated with Shaykh Yunis, and arrange a name for him that does not divulge his nationality.

Arrange for a secure method of communications and coordination between them and Shaykh Yunis.

Stress the utmost secrecy in work and restrict the knowledge of Shaykh Yunis affair to the leadership in the regions in which he has to work with the brothers.

In addition, indicate to the brothers in Yemen when talking about coordination before conducting any work outside the peninsula, that working in the sea, even within the territorial waters of the peninsula, is to be considered external work that requires coordination with you.

Pay attention to explaining the importance of coordination, as well as the dangers of neglecting it, to all the brothers in all the regions.

In general, it would be good to clarify the wisdom or the reason behind this in most of what we ask the brothers for, unless it exposes operational secrets.

10- Please write a report about brother Shaykh Yunis at the first opportunity.

Include (information on) his birth, education, social status, his best qualifications and experiences, as well as his manner and dealings with the Mujahideen and his relationship with them, the date of his becoming religiously adherent, and his joining Jihad.

If it is not easy on you that the report be complete and comprehensive, it is all right to ask the brothers in the Islamic Maghreb for help after you send me whatever you already have.

11- In a previous message, we asked the security official, brother Abu Al-Wafa’ and also his deputy for a report about the conditions on your side.

However, we have not yet received them.

It would be good if you would follow up on this matter.

12- Please report to me in detail about the financial situation on your side and about your vision and plans to improve it.

Your earmarking of the budget should set aside enough salaries for the brothers and the families for a year, regardless of the finical forecast for the coming days.

13- It would be good of you to provide us with detailed information about our brother Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, who was appointed as a replacement for our brother Abu Umar Al-Baghdadi, Allah have Mercy on his soul, and his first lieutenant and deputy Al-Nasir Lidin Allah, aka Abu Sulaiman.

It would be better for you to ask several sources among our brothers there, whom you trust, about them so that the matter becomes clear to us.

– To be continued.



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