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However, looking at the indications, it seems that at the time the United States ~US is weakening – and accordingly, its agents are weakening – the Mujahideen are preparing to cover the people with the umbrella of the Khaliphate.

We will be the prime choice nearest to them, as they are Muslims in Muslim countries, and it is natural for that environment to receive the Mujahideen to re-establish the Khaliphate and rule with Allah’s Sharee’ah.

This is what scares the adversaries more than the Mujahideen; they are scared of the rafidah [rejectionists, i.e. the Shi’a].

Based on the above, we should not begin to attempt to establish a government in Yemen, even if the people revolted against government and toppled it, either in South Yemen or in all of Yemen.

This is regardless of how bad the nominees to control that government are, because the outcome will be worse on Islam and Muslims if we start something that does not have all factors of success put together.

This would put us in trouble with the people and put the Mujahideen forces in the sights of the enemy fire.

This is because in the view of the leaders of the Land of the Holy (Masjids), we are their worst enemies and our presence in Yemen threatens their royalty’s existence, in addition to their abiding by the American wishes for them to fight us.

For that, they will pump huge funds into recruiting the Yemeni tribes to kill us.

They will win over the swords of the majority, which will put the Mujahideen force in Yemen under enemy fire and in a very serious situation.

Miscellaneous Points:

1- Please convey to me the news about the condition of the sons of our brother Shaykh Sa’id, Allah have Mercy on his soul.

(Tell me) how he was martyred and how the enemy discovered his location.

I had been planning to mourn him and talk to the Ummah about him.

However, I did not get a confirmation of the news from your side.

Please relay my regards and condolences to Shaykh Abu Muhammad, and give me the news about his condition.

For several months, I have been sending messages to him, and Shaykh Sa’id told me that he had not yet received a courier from him.

It then became noticeable that he has not been heard in the media in recent times.

I hope that the problem is something good.

I advise that he get a companion [bodyguard] from the Arab brothers.

2- I had mentioned in several previous messages to Shaykh Sa’id, Allah have Mercy on his soul, the necessity of the exit from Waziristan of the brother leaders, especially the ones that have media exposure.

I stress this matter to you and that you choose distant locations to which to move them, away from aircraft photography and bombardment, while taking all security precautions.

Also work on bringing out the brothers who have distinguished talents after they have been battle hardened, either by exposure to a big battle or by staying at the front for approximately one month.

3- It would be nice if you would send me the names of some who are qualified to be your deputy.

4- It would be nice if you would nominate a brother to be responsible for the general duty of the external work in all the regions.

If it is not possible to nominate someone for this, then you take over that responsibility.

Knowing that Shaykh Yunis is the official responsible for external work in Africa and west Asia, please inform him of that.

I sent a message in the past to Shaykh Sa’id and to you about the importance of external work, I hope it has reached you.

In any case, I have attached it to your messages.

5- It would be nice if you would nominate one of the qualified brothers to be responsible for a large operation in the United States Of America.

6- It would be nice if you would pick a number of the brothers, not to exceed ten, and send them to their countries individually, without any of them knowing the others, to study aviation.

It would be better if they are from the Gulf states, as study there is at the government’s expense.

– To be continued.


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